Legate’s Round up of the Synod

Well, folks, it’s been an exhausting ride this past week.  I’d like to offer some concluding thoughts on what has just transpired.

1. Too old – I’m getting too damn old for this stuff. Yeah, yeah, I know, Jesus and the boat and the storm. I get it, but I worry, OK?

2. Proud to be Catholic – I’m so very grateful to God I was baptized Catholic.  We can see today how most of organized and even disorganized Christianity is capitulating to the Gay Jackboot.  The Catholic Church alone remains the only world-wide force against this unspeakable evil that is Sodom Incorporated.  For my decent Christian and non-Christian friends who are not Catholic, I ask you once again to examine the claims of the Catholic Church and consider joining her.  Together we are stronger.  And as you can see from this episode, even with a Pope who is going in a different direction, the Holy Spirit still protects the Church’s doctrinal and pastoral witness against error.  That’s gotta count for something.

3. Pope Francis –  Pope Francis’s concluding speech doesn’t make what he has done alright.  And it doesn’t make me trust him any more.  It has not been his finest hour.  His actions and words (or lack of them) have left me suspicious of his motives. (And please, don’t tell me there is not sufficient evidence for this belief).  And I know that many of you are thinking the same thing but are not saying it.  That’s OK. Don’t say it.  You don’t have to.  Maybe it’s better that you don’t. I’ll say it.  As a Catholic, you are not a brain-dead zombie.  The Pope is not God. He is not an oracle. He is not necessarily chosen by the Holy Spirit. Most of the time, he’s not chosen but only tolerated.  He is a sinner and he has his own agenda, as all Popes do.  Believe it or not, sometimes those agendas are, in fact, against the Gospel.  The Popes in past centuries erred and fornicated around.  Please don’t fall into the error of believing that you’re so special that all of the Popes in your lifetime must be pristine.  Read about Honorius today, if you don’t know his story.  It might come in handy if Pope Francis keeps doing what he is doing. He might suffer the same fate.  And remember, if you were required to bow your knee at every imprudent, off-the-cuff, loose cannon interview the Pope ever makes, then we really didn’t need Vatican I, did we? It would be a moot point.

4. Vatican II – If you’re traddy, listen up.  Vatican II was a train wreck in many ways.  In fact, as I was out doing errands today, I was very fearful that we would have another Vatican II moment in the final Relatio with ambiguous phrases and texts that were so wide you could drive a Mack truck through them.  But that didn’t happen this time around, for the most part.  The Synod Fathers made sure that those contentious issues on marriage and homosexuality were removed COMPLETELY so as to not give the progressives a foothold.  Now then, and note well, my dear friend: what we have here is what we call a Vatican II moment that saved our collective arses.  In mid-week, I predicted that the bishops would rescue us from the minority position and the Pope’s own position.  And that is exactly what happened.  Now for all of the anti-collegiality slant that traddies hold, this whole episode perhaps can be a Eureka moment for you.  Synodal collegiality worked and we should be gratetful. I know it expanded my horizons and perspective and I am so grateful for the Africans, even if Cardinal KKKasper is not.

 5. Kardinal KasperAnd speaking of Cardinal Kasper, his disgraceful comments against the African bishops were something to behold.  Consider, dear reader, what would have happened to that poor reporter’s reputation if he had not caught the kkkardinal on audio?  His career and his livelihood might have been over in a Francis moment.  Yes indeed.  Just like that.  Because who in the establishment would believe a lowly reporter over a Prince of the Church?  You think about that long and hard.  What if that reporter had a family to support?  What kind of synod was this again? Oh yeah…it was about supporting families. Oh, yes, and lest I forget this uncomfortable fact for you all who still have problems with #3 above….Cardinal Kasper will still be Pope Francis’s golden boy and he will still carry the Progressive gauntlet into next year’s deliberations as we consider again all of the elements of sanctification found in the relationships which involve adultery and sodomy.  The other guy – the guy who was responsible for ensuring that the Church was run by adults and not by rebellious horny teenagers – is being put out to pasture in Malta.  That would be Cardinal Burke who left his guts out there on the altar to ensure marriage remained pure and undefiled.  Anyhow, one of these gentlemen told you the uncomfortable and inconvenient truths about the tricks going on at the Synod, while the other guy told you lies about what he said about uppity black men with mitres.  Kasper will be with the Pope at his right hand. And the other guy will be the proverbial Pharisee when Francis decides it’s time to crap on those poor lawyers and pharisees…yet again. Does this not bother you…even just a little?

6. VigilanceWhat he said.  This ain’t over. And if you think it is, well you dumb, bro’. Gay will never give up.

7. Michael Coren – Hey Mike, you owe Damian Goddard an apology and everyone else you called a hatey-hater.

6 thoughts on “Legate’s Round up of the Synod

  1. I am proud to be a Catholic too and am not disillusioned with the Church but perhaps with process and with people. I wish to learn in time that I am wrong. I don’t want to be right. I don’t disagree with your overview but the world the witness has looked different. I think that those who rely on just bits and pieces in the news see as embracing gradualism and a step or two away from being a rainbow Church. Some people are LOOKING for that and some people are just paying half-attention but this has been a poor public witness.

    I want to believe the best in Pope Francis but it’s increasingly hard to do so. I want to believe that my concerns are wrong. I hope that time proves me wrong. I do believe he genuinely loves the poor, the disadvantaged, the disabled, cares about financial transparency, and is pro-life. I think he wants to make those who have sinned to feel the worth of the Church’s embrace and forgiveness rather than feel judged. I think it’s beautiful that he married people who had colourful pasts and he baptized children conceived from non-sacramental marriages publicly to make people aware of the dignity and worth given to all human life. I try to remember his very good qualities. I have paused at saying everything I’ve thought only because I worry about being wrong and regretting. I could live with having to swallow my words but my background is I kind of go over the top. I don’t want to ever lead another person wrong so I have held my tongue.

    Michael Voris has been an example of amazing discipline. I am sure he’s been bursting!!

    I love Saint John Paul – not as much as my sister -but I truly loved him. I never faulted him in the way that some traditionalists have. My husband is a traditionalist. This month has really made me more aware of how much disrespect and hatred exists for traditionalists – I had a diluted understanding of that. My husband – and many traditionalists and non-traditionalists – love the Church and it’s a Church that is open to lots of different ways of thinking. People in all of these different schools of thought need to really re-evaluate how we treat each other.

    Mr. Kasper – a liar and a racist. An embarrassment to the faith and the Pope would do the faith well to remove him from any position of public prominence and allow him to spend the balance of his days in prayer and meditation preferably in an African community. He has put his soul in jeopardy. I will never retract that thinking.

    Damian Goddard super-offended me and I stopped reading him which I rarely do. Now you have made me curious.

  2. Pacheco, it has been quite the ride this week, my brain is hurting. Great job on the above; you’re right on. These sodomites will be back with a vengeance but they will be stopped and Pope Francis will have to answer for what he has done to allow this. I have no more confidence in him, it is a failed papacy. Actually, I lost confidence in him the first day on the job when he refused to bless the assembled journalists.

    Your point on collegiality is very, very relevant — ironically, it is what saved the day.

  3. Maybe some of the less informed might want to read Father Gruner and what he has had to say about the Catholic Church. As far as collegiality goes there is the point that if Vatican 11 had never insisted on it as part of the modernist agenda we would not even be having this kangaroo synod that if any, really take the time ponder about it, is totally unnecessary if the `council had been doing what ALL previous councils were really to do, which is to make sure that the Deposit of Faith on the the Church’s teachings and Doctrines on faith and morals are protected and never changed …and the real reason again, to hold a council was to address and attend to any attempts of any person who did not have the Church’s best intentions at heart.
    diabolical or heretical poisonous influence that may be attempting to do just that…change and alter matters of faith and morals in Church doctrinal teaching as stated already and forever by none other than Jesus Christ.
    I can see however that God does love to turn what the evil one had intended for himself and his
    prideful , destruction into something good and God does it with such ease and we have to almost
    breathe the collective sigh that yes, again He heard His people cry and He is Faithful and answered us, and we should trust Him ALONE. through the Blessed Intercession of Our Most Holy Virgin and Queen Mother’s Intercession on our (Her Childrens’) behalf. He listens to Her. Pray the Rosary.
    I also must say, I still believe that they those corrupt officials and other enemies masking as otherwise are planning to gradually do what they have set out to do, to try to destroy and change what Jesus has laid out not to be EVER touched in matters of Faith and Morals. I think they are doing it with more careful and different strategy, so they think, by throwing the Faithful, a little bone, shall we say of enough hope that they will relax and back down. This is a strategy that can be seen through.

    One more thing, to generalize on all traditionalists as being hateful is hateful, perhaps some people also need to swallow some humble pie and admit when they are wrong and went along raving about a pope who evidently, and still to me is leading this revolution to its planned end. In fact Pope Francis is not too kind. Read his hateful comments and insults that were contained in a book.
    Would you trust his man?I don`t .Did not from the beginning,listened to the inner urging of The Holy Ghost and because Jesus and Mary told me look out for this man, as well as the fact he displayed who he was by his actions and the fact he was happy to take on the role of trying to speed up and ram for the the last part of this revolution to destroy what we know to be true according to Jesus. AND, that is not hate. What is hate is fake `nice`people who smile fake smiles and say and insinuate things about people who care only for Jesus Truth,in the same breath, pretending to be loving, when they are anything but…certainly not anywhere near, and certainly not humble. It does not mean we do not pray for him, it means we do not pretend to be such “good” people in our own minds, (pride) that we do not call him out for the harm he has done. IN fact if any other person claiming to love and represent Jesus had acted in this manner , all the people who made alme excuses for his brazenly harmful decisions and actions would be singing a different tune. Note the same people have too much pride to admit they were wrong and own it, because they went on for so long in that direction that it would require a real step of real humility to do so. Yet it would be refreshing to say the least and even a bit REAL.
    Jesus hated and loved He is the God of Love and Hate. Jesus hated sin because He knew what he did and does. He hates seven things in fact, and He says so.in His Holy Word. Jesus is not some mealy mouth feminized caricature. He loved and is merciful. He hates the fakeness of people who exchange what He said is real Mercy for this fake modernistic version, they try to pass off as Mercy forgettin to acknowledge the need for True Contrition and Confession and Repentance especially for those who think they do not need to examine their lives.
    Thank You Blessed Holy Trinity of Father God, Holy Ghost, and Jesus Christ for Your One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church rooted in Her Traditions and for the few and there are not too many who stand up for all of them and more importantly You before their own images and reputations and because they want to be though (God Forbid) well of, as people spit all over You and step all over what YOu hold Dear and which is the only Truth laid out from YOu from the beginning, and ever shall be forever and ever.
    They often do not even bother to read up own Church History, and are ignorant of the Faith so they bash traditionalism .They should remember that they are bashing what Jesus began and loves.
    Even the sermons are full of this hate now in the modern Church constantly equating those who follow the Law as being unloving and not of Jesus, since they are so full of themselves that they don’ know True Church teaching the Gospel for that matter and even that NOWHERE does God call people who OBEY the Commandments and are faithful to HIs Law as Legalists. Jesus came NOT to abolish the Law but SO it could be fulfilled . Of course these same “nice” people pooh pooh the “rules” and hate discipline, and take such offense if you do not smile and acknowledge them in the silly emotional manner that is fake and not sincere even during the Mass, when a simple nod will not suffice because they deem you to be a hater.This is after they fight hard behind the scenes to change the liturgy and pat themselves on their collective heads because they think they are special “ministers” you know, including those who hand out the Eucharist against what Jesus taught regarding the manhandling of HIs Most Precious Body and Blood and just Whom according to Him should be giving it only to His people on their knees and on their tongues.
    God help us and keep us from wolves in sheeps clothing, and that includes a lot of people who call themselves Catholic but love themselves before You, and Your Truth and will not fight or die to themselves for You or Your Truth, but instead utter niceties. You vomit it out, so You say, and rightfully so.

  4. I think traditionalists need to update their understanding in light of the Francis pontificate. Suddenly imperial papacies are not always a good thing, and collegiality isn’t always a bad thing.

  5. After Vatican II the “progressives” brought a lot of attention to the idea that the council emphasized collegiality and raised it to a higher level than it had previously been understood.

    It is my understanding that this is completely untrue. As far as I know, there is nothing in any council document that speaks about collegiality in a way that would justify what the progressives were selling. In this regard it is similar to the changes that occurred in the Mass. The council documents said nothing about it, and yet the progressives justified all the changes being done as being part of the “spirit of the council”.

    If I am mistaken, I would very much appreciate having someone correct me.

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