Nutty Professors End Contributions to D&P

MONTREAL, Quebec, September 2, 2011 ( – A leftist endowment fund originally set up by members of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development & Peace (D&P), the Canadian bishops’ official international development arm, has cut ties and ceased contributions to D&P over concerns that D&P’s mild concessions to Church hierarchy have too closely aligned them with the Vatican.

The Fonds Solidarité Sud, created in 2007 by two long-time D&P supporters and members from Quebec, says that until the scandal over D&P’s funding practices broke in 2009, D&P had acted as an independent, secular, and ecumenical organization despite its official ties with and support from the Catholic Church.

According to a Fall 2007 D&P newsletter, the fund was already worth a million dollars in bequests and insurance policies when it launched.

“The beauty of an investment tool such as the Solidarité Sud endowment fund is that it can accommodate all sorts of donors and donation methods within the planned gifts department of DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE,” explains the D&P newsletter.

FSS says they are actively maintaining their solidarity with the “progressive movement” of D&P, but have cut ties with the organization itself principally because of three actions in 2011.

First, the cancellation of a talk by Fr. Luis Arriaga, then-head of Mexico’s Centre PRODH, in Ottawa in March, and the subsequent defunding of the group over its advocacy for the decriminalization of abortion. Reports indicate that the cancellation, ordered by Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa, came after Fr. Arriaga refused to sign a pro-life statement on the basis that such a stand would be a “violation of basic human rights.”…

LifeSite’s article is a follow-up on Steve’s excellent report on the bailout here. (H/T Big Blue Wave for the tip on the blog posting which led to Steve’s story).

So D&P is no longer going to be receiving endowment fund money from the Leftists for various “gender justice” causes?  Did I understand that correctly?  You should all see the very big grin on my face right about now.  Turn about is fair play, although there’s a long way to go on that score.  Still, it’s a little strewdenfreudle for the social justice crowd.

Oh yes, and did you catch the first reason which the nutty professors cited for pulling out of D&P?  That would be Fr. Arriaga’s sabotaged trip,  courtesy of Socon or Bust, along with Big Blue Wave and LifeSiteNews’s investigative reports and blogging.

You’re just a blogger, you say?  My friend, at your finger tips is incredible power to change the world.

Don’t just read the press. BE THE PRESS. 

Blog it, baby. Change the world. And that’s no guff either. It’s real…to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The above advertisement was located on a bulletin board outside of my Parish’s Adoration Chapel back in March 2011.  I snatched it after an hour spent in Adoration and blogged it.  After a chain of events, it helped signal the real beginning of the end for D&P. 

Small blessings, eh?  The Lord is good to put us in the right place at the right time.

¡Viva la Blogger Revolución!

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