Lefties now pushing for drug dealers to be let off the hook

We’re quite used to hearing the liberal establishment make frivolous arguments for the legalization of drug uses, but now they even want the dealers to be excused.

They call it a “disease”. Drug addiction could arguably be called a disease that requires aggressive treatment, but drug dealing? Seriously?

Do they not see how ridiculous their position is?

6 thoughts on “Lefties now pushing for drug dealers to be let off the hook

  1. The “war” on drugs is as big a failure as all the other wars we have participated in over the past couple of decades. Drudge reports that 70% of Americans are using prescription drugs. Not only can prohibitions on drug use not be successful, it should not be done. Take a fraction of the money spent on enforcement and spend it on educating the public on the perils of drug abuse including, especially alcohol and tobacco, and we would all be farther ahead. Bye the way, why does this blog continue to beat this horse? Beginning to take on the tone of a social justice rant.

  2. It’s not more money or education, but returning to Judeo-Christian principles, ie the Ten Commandments, which will bring about a real change in society. Anything else is just applying a bandaid to the problem. Without God, man is just floundering in his own iniquity.

  3. Helene’s right. There isn’t a single drug user in Canada who hasn’t been taught multiple times about the dangers of drugs. They still use because of a lack of will power, not out of ignorance. They have enough knowledge about drugs. They need the ethos to live it out. Only God can bring it decisively.

  4. You are saying that education isn’t effective? Tell that to the millions of people who never started smoking tobacco or who quit after becoming aware of the dangers of smoking.

  5. Nobody said education was ineffective, but rather that education without will power and God’s grace will never get the job done.

    The war on drugs was largely based on a massive education effort. It succeeding in educating, but failed in reducing drug use, as you accurately point out. We’ve actually regressed in some sense because we have a growing movement of people who not only want to continue using, but also want it legalized.

    Even on smoking, a large chunk of the population continues to smoke even though they can’t even buy a pack without seeing huge warnings and gruesome pictures on the box. There’s no ignorance here, just a lack of will power.

    We cannot rely on human means alone or we fail.

  6. 12 step programs teach that one’s will power will not help them but rather they must depend on God’s Will and turn their lives over to God, not relying on one’s own will power to achieve anything let alone sobriety.. Rather it is the misuse of the will, not aligning it to God’s Will and that takes some humbling ones self and admitting the need to rely on a Higher Power to take away the obsession. It has nothing to do with one’s will power it is ALL Gods’ Grace and they one desires
    to live differently. Again it is by Gods’ Grace that people even reach the end of wanting to try by one’s own will power.

    Many , I might add believe all people including many people in the Church could benefit by practicing the 12 steps in their long format (alcohol and drugs are only mentioned in the 1st step which can be done completely, the other 12 steps are to keep ONESELF free of pride and not judging others, especially if one has not the cross of addiction, and does not even understand it, like anything else, that unless one has experienced it ( you would not know what it is like to be diabetic or blind unless you truly were), so the program keeps people humble if they keep the focus on themselves, and what one needs to do for one’s own growth in God and work on their own need of constant humbling ridding oneself of pride (Catholic pride of thinking oneself better? for instance … In fact, even thinking oneself “better” and more Spiritual than others by what one does or how one helps out in the Church or by the number of Religious duties one performs. We should remember what St. Paul says about pride and boasting in oneself and always boast only in our faults and how many more we see in ourselves that need God’s Grace and Redeeming Love to purify and eradicate from our beings, as we walk the ladder toward Him Who is Love and Humility Personified.
    Spiritual pride is a worse pride than secular pride, and one should always remember “But…For the Grace of God…
    We are all in need of God and we should all remember that we need to see others as God views them and listens to their cries of anguish and confusion and how He loves them in their brokenness and wants them to know that He loves them regardless and wants them to know it in their hearts, and we must concentrate instead ,on how we can love more like Christ does and become more like HIm as Mother Teresa reminds us, in “Something Beautiful for God”.

    Lord Have Mercy
    Thank You Blessed Holy Trinity and Blessed Virgin, Mother and Queen Mary, and Good and Faithful St. Joseph.

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