3 thoughts on “Learn what this is, you ingrates, and know whose Presence you are in

  1. Now, to make sure my regular parish re-learns what those are…and then there’s my United neighbour who called them ableist 🙁

  2. When I attended a real Catholic service in Toronto many years ago, they had not padded knnelers. The people kneeled on the cemnt floor, and when I went up to the front of the Church attempt to be prayed over, the Priest told me to go cover myself up and put something decent on, as I was ikn the presence of Jesus. I thought I could waltz up in my black halter top as I had long lost any respect for Whose
    Prescence I was in.

    We must stop presenting ourselves to Jesus like this or with no reverential respect when we know better. Some people dress better and more modestly etc, when they attend a job interview,
    or go out to meet someone “special”, WHO COULD BE MORE SPECIAL, and IMPORTANT, than
    JESUS!!!. We do not dress for vanity we try to dress for vanity sake only put on our best or something modest and respectful. Mass is not a movie theatre, rock concert or a day at the beach.

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