Layton and McLachlin Praying with the Christians

OTTAWA – After Jack Layton announced his prostate cancer diagnosis last February, he could not understand why he experienced “this incredible sense of joy.”

The New Democratic Party Leader told the recent Canadian National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast he felt “like something was under my wings.”

Then Layton discovered people had been praying for him as he began to receive emails, cards and best wishes in conversations with colleagues and friends.

Layton told the 850 politicians, diplomats and religious leaders who packed a downtown hotel ballroom he no longer had any doubts about the power of prayer.

The only party leader present at the largest prayer breakfast in the event’s 45-year history, Layton read Scripture passages, as did Treasury Board president Stockwell Day, Liberal MP John McKay and Bloc Quebecois MP Robert Bouchard.

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin read a prayer for Canada and the nations.  “God, you have called us to love one another,” she said. “We admit we are incapable of loving one another without your help, without your Holy Spirit.”  Also contributing were House Speaker Peter Milliken and Senate Speaker Noel Kinsella.

Featured speakers were six-time Olympic medalist and four-time World Champion speed skater Cindy Klassen and her sister Lisa Klassen, an aviator and musician.

The sisters shared the podium as they described how prayer helped Lisa and the Klassen family cope with her nearly fatal 2008 car accident.

“The first week, we were given the word that Lisa could go at any time,” Cindy said.

“God really did give us peace,” she said, noting hundreds of people were praying for Lisa and their family.

Lisa made a miraculous recovery, though she struggled with vertigo that threatened to end her pilot/flight instructor career.  The vertigo did go away with treatment and now she is flying, even doing aerobatics. (Source)

My friends, the great advantage that we Socons have that the pro-aborts don’t have is…quite frankly…God.  We do not totally understand the power of prayer or how it can move people.  Human beings are very fickle creatures.  And they become more fickle when God intervenes in their lives.  What was once a certain and solid worldview can somehow be completely reversed in minutes with God’s intervention. That is why we should not get too discouraged at the current apparent political environment concerning abortion.  This appearance neither represents the underlying reality, nor does it bind even our immediate future in the light of an all-powerful and all-loving God.   

You’ll notice that the article is about Jack Layton.  Jack Layton holds very socially liberal views.  And yet the power of prayer – and not just any prayer mind you – Christian prayer – is having an impact on him.  Although the Left likes to delude themselves into thinking that there is a nice little tidy separation between the personal and public lives of politicans, the reality is that one’s personal and religious views ultimately ends up affecting one’s politics. 

The Jack Layton story is surprising enough, but the bigger surprise is Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin,  the feminist, pro-abort, pro-homosexualist justice who sits on Canada’s supreme court.

Of course, this all could just be talk and good PR.  Still, you would have to think that if coherence means anything to Layton or McLachlin, chumming around with Christians and invoking and participating in their prayers is not exactly good news for the pro-abort lobby in this country.

Things do change.  God does change hearts.

Let’s keep Jack in our prayers, and that he gets healed and he publicly credits Jesus Christ for his healing. Let us also pray that his heart gets converted to the Gospel of Life as well.

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