Laxitives for the Crap Broadcasting Corp.

The federal Conservatives have accused the CBC of political bias since before they formed the government, and two months ago, Conservative party national campaign director Doug Finley lambasted the broadcaster in a fundraising letter to party faithful, accusing it of being “anti-Conservative.”

CBC supporters have long suspected that the Harper government has a hidden agenda that would radically reduce the taxpayer contribution to CBC — currently at around $1.1 billion — which it will move rapidly to implement when and if they form a majority government.

Among the scenarios most feared by CBC supporters are a stripped-down CBC TV forced to compete regionally and nationally with little or no financial support from government.  (Source)

That’s what happens when you become a state sponsored political prostitute for the Liberal Party, guys.  You can’t be surprised that tax payers are going to rebel if you become downright ridiculous in your shilling for the Liberal Party.

The CBC pisses me off so much that its demise will rank up there with the happiest days of my life.

I know many conservatives will be whooping it up across the country.

If the CBC had a grave, I’d be stocking up on beer and pissing on it the whole night.

And I know that millions of Canadians share my sentiments too. 

What does this whole scenario tell you about the arrogance and elitism of the CBC?

It would threaten its very own existence instead of disciplining itself to report the news fairly.

O happy day, hasten your advance!!!

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