Launch of SoCon TV

Now that my super busy family and work schedules are starting to get back to somewhat normalcy, I will be posting regularly again. Like many other bloggers, I intend to use video to get my message out. Some of the video postings will simply be existing video on the Net, and I will be referring to them to call attention to their importance and to offer my oh-so-very important commentary. 🙂

Other video postings, on the other hand, will be produced by SoConTV itself. Not, of course, that there will be an indefinite number of video clippings, but I do intend to get off to a good start at least, and we’ll see where it goes from there.

To start with, SoConTV will post a new video clip every week or so.

The first video clip will be posted on Monday April 9, 2007 so tune in for thrills and chills!

Happy Easter to Believers.

Jesus is Risen. Alleleuia!

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