Last straw on bottled-water campaign: Pope weighs in

Things could hardly be going any worse for Development and Peace’s embattled bottled-water campaign. Call it their own Water-gate.  Or maybe their Water-loo.

After being implicitly rebuked by Canadian bishops drinking bottled-water at the Plenary last month, now we learn that Pope Benedict serves San Pellegrino bottled-water when receiving guests at his summer home in Castel Gandolfo (see pictures below).  Notice the unmistakeable green bottles with the oval label at the top and the red star in the middle of the bottom label. San Pellegrino is a fixture on dinner tables throughout Italy.

So now you know: The Pope’s dinner table at Castel Gandolfo, like the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, is not a bottled-water free zone. I guess D&P didn’t do their homework.

So is there anybody on D&P’s side on this issue?  Well, they’ve got ultra-lefty pro-aborts like Jack Layton and David Suzuki.  Sounds like the typical D&P crowd, eh?  They also have the U of Ottawa, which has banned the sale of bottled water on campus, after banning free speech last year.  Leave it to those open-minded universities to embrace diversity!  😉

“I love the smell of bottled water in the morning”

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