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A Christian Response to Islam (Bonocore – 08 .02)

Mark Bonocore offers a thorough Catholic Christian response to the Muslim tract The True Religion.

A No-Nonsense Guide to Proving Purgatory

Frank goes through a step-by-step instruction on how to explain Purgatory to our Protestant brethren. (Jerry – 14KB – 04.08)

Burnin’ for your Love

Ryan Prong kicks off his initiation with the Legate by taking us through the biblical basis for purgatory. He correctly identifies “the middle state of souls” and exposes the deficient Protestant rationale for dismissing it. This is an excellent short synthesis for those wishing to know why Catholics believe in purgatory. (Prong – 42KB – 04.07)




Andrew The Baptist and Pre-millennialism

A discussion on the Millennial reign of Christ. Some Protestants are just hung up on the spectacular and bizarre readings of Scripture. (Sippo – 32KB – 00.00)




Purgatory & Purification (Bonocore)

Milleniarism (Bonocore)

Burnin’ in Purgatory? (Pacheco)

Expensive Indulgences? (Sippo)

Purgatory, Hell and Other Places: What’s the difference? (Sippo)

What is the historical basis for this purgatory thing? (Sippo/Bonocore)

Pope selling indulgences? (Pacheco)

Was Purgatory Invented? (Sippo)

Did the Pope Sell Indulgences? (Sippo)

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