Language learning starts before birth

Those beautiful little babies! They listen to their parents’ voices in the womb! Aaaawwww, isn’t that cute?

Parents are usually careful to watch their language around young children. Maybe parents-to-be ought to watch what they say, too. Not only do babies slurp up language skills in the first few years of life, but new research also suggests that this precocious language learning starts in the womb.

In the later months of pregnancy, fetuses can detect and remember songs, native vowel sounds and entire words. These surprisingly sophisticated linguistic feats offer a new perspective on early learning. The results also raise the possibility of taking steps during pregnancy to help babies at risk for language problems. (Source)

Funny how it’s only a “fetus” if you don’t want it, but it’s a “baby” that can receive treatment if you want it.


One thought on “Language learning starts before birth

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    “Who are you to judge,”they say.

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