Lame Pro-Abort Arguments

Lame Argument Number 1: “If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one.”

Pro-life Rebuttal: “If you don’t want a slave, don’t own one”.

The problem with the pro-aborts is that they rarely think through their arguments. The underlying assumption in Lame Argument Number 1 is that unborn children are not persons, endowed with human dignity and human rights. It completely ignores the issue of the humanity of the unborn child and instead presumes that we are merely choosing a lifestyle that does not affect another human being. But we know clearly that a baby – a human life – is being destroyed. The rebuttal offered above certainly highlights this fact since it brings in the humanity of the victim.

…more to come….

One thought on “Lame Pro-Abort Arguments

  1. We sort of shoot ourselves in the foot by calling it the “abortion debate”. We should call it the “unborn rights” debate amongst ourselves. That way people will become more aware of what we’re talking about.

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