Korea Panicking to Reverse Abortion Epidemic

SEOUL, November 25, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The Republic of Korea has signaled its willingness to work to reverse a heavily pro-abortion culture through various measures, including beginning to enforce an abortion ban that has technically existed in the country for decades, in order to address the severe demographic implosion that threatens the country’s economic stability, Korean sources report.

The pro-birth effort was announced on Wednesday by the Presidential Council for Future and Vision, and includes proposals to expand benefits for single mothers and provide greater benefits to families with more than two children.

“We have been a society that promoted abortion,” Kwak Seung-jun, leader of the Presidential Council, told reporters. “There are few people who realize abortion is illegal. We must work to create a mood where abortion is discouraged.”

According to the Korean journal JoongAng Ilbo, the abortion ban – rarely enforced for decades, and even flagrantly violated in the 1960s and 1970s as part of official policy to combat what the government had deemed a “population explosion” – will now be more strictly enforced as part of an overall plan to increase the birth rate and incentivize more women to carry their pregnancies to term.

The Korean Herald reports that proposals outlined in the “Increase Koreans” project outline aggressive steps to give increased support for families with at least three children.

The Presidential Council proposed that the third-born child of a family be given an advantage in university entrance examinations, employment, and financial support for high school and university tuition. Families with three or more children will be given special interest rates on their mortgages.

As a sign of further desperation, the Council recommended that the government finance artificial insemination procedures up to three times to the tune of 1.5 million won ($1300 US).

Kwak announced that the panel was proposing aggressive measures that had to be taken immediately, and could not wait even ten years from now.

Seven hundred of Korea’s obstetricians, nevertheless, have decided to address the situation by encouraging the government down the path of strictly enforcing the abortion law as well as creating medical peer-pressure among physicians against performing abortion, except when the mother’s life is in explicit danger.

According to the Korea Times, the Korean Gynecological Physicians’ Association (GYNOB) sent out flyers to 3400 physicians asking for their participation in a national campaign to abolish illegal abortion, held a rally on Sunday, and said that the names of clinics participating in their campaign would be available online at http://www.antidc.org/.

Measures proposed by the Presidential Council will be discussed further by government agencies and a special committee for the Prime Minister before its expected finalization in early 2010.

So much for feeling all queezy about upholding (or passing) a law which punishes participants in abortion.  I wonder if Chris Matthews is listening. If it’s a choice between survival and restrictive abortion laws, what side do you think is going to win out?  Korea is moving in the right direction, but I have some serious reservations that the West will follow suit.  We are, after all, a culture of death and sterile orgasm.

Here’s what I would do as a pastoral approach with the abortion law:

Anyone counselling or committing an abortion would get the maximum penalty under the law according to their degree of participation for murder. Period.

A woman who procured an abortion would be required to undergo education and counselling.  A repeat offender would then start to do jail time.  That’s the first five years of the Phase-In. Successive phases would include harsher penalties until the culture is sensitized enough to consider abortion outright murder.  Obviously, this has to go hand-in-hand with a massive education program for the country.  People’s hearts (and heads) need to be turned around first.

Then, once abortion is viewed for what it is, anyone participating in it gets the requisite punishment.

A human life is a human life. It deserves to be respected in law.

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