KoolAid Keeps Flowing

This is a potentially perilous moment. In the first four months of this story, the Canadian Islamic Congress have won no sympathizers and the broader “human rights” establishment have lost almost all the ones they previously had. So this press conference is a critical attempt to reposition themselves, not as Islamist bully boys trying to shut down all debate on the perfectly legitimate topic of Islam and the west, but as “victims” of a powerful Islamophobic media. Presumably they will offer to shut down the case in return for a more modest right of reply without some of the more absurd demands they made last time round. It will sound “moderate” and “compromising” and “reasonable”, all the things mainstream Canadian opinion likes. But, if Maclean’s were to accede, it would be setting a very dangerous precedent: it would reward the CIC thugs for their bullying. As David Warren said way back when, the process is the punishment. Maclean’s doesn’t fear a modest fine, which is all the commissars can do. What we fear is a world in which the editorial choices of private publications are destabilized by bullying lobby groups who represent nobody using the “human rights” process to hijack our pages.

As I said, they’ll be sounding “moderate” and “reasonable” today, but it doesn’t change what they’re trying to do – which is use the state as a lever to kidnap the content of privately owned magazines for their propaganda purposes. Why not get some bigshot Saudi to bankroll your own? (Source)

The KoolAid drinkers out there don’t seem to get it:  when the Toronto Star agrees to publish a full spread about the horrors of abortion or when Warren Kinsella gives up his blog to some neo-Nazi for a few days of merry blogging, THEN and only then will they have a consistent, although still ridiculously wrong, position.

Besides, the Kinsella’s KoolAid Klan is really getting hot and bothered about a potential showdown between Canada’s establishment magazine and one of the most popular English columnists in the world vs. the encroachments of Islam on Western Democratic values.  Who do you think is going to win when we go into the “discovery” phase of Mark’s work?  I can tell you it won’t be Elmo or Muhammed.

That we would have a booted ex-cop interrogating such a law and order type like Mark Steyn is just so CHRCesque – the irony could not be more robust, although it is hardly surprising considering the overall reputation of the HRCs. 

I think Ezra had it right when he commented in this clip about the Alberta Human Rights Commission having the gall to question a publisher in Canada about its editorial content.  Pick it up at the 2:41 mark. 

Shirley McGovern, the interrogator in Ezra’s case, saw the light of freedom and didn’t want to be associated with the government censors. Let’s hope more people on that side of the fence come to their senses before it’s too late.

3 thoughts on “KoolAid Keeps Flowing

  1. Ah Yes…and if they don’t get their way they will blockade a major highway, burn their burkas at the barricades and then demand to go on “Late Evening – the Twilight Zone with Kinsella”

    But they can – I am sure get front page coverage on Al Jazeera = No?

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