Knock Down Artist Gets Knocked Down

You know, when I was in the sixth grade, a fellow student was describing an account of how another kid was getting somewhat physically abusive towards him.  After putting up with his taunts and pushing, this fellow proceeded to describe how he clocked him one right in the face.  One punch and the guy went down.  I chuckled to myself, but the janitor who was also listening to the story was a real peace-nic and said that “violence doesn’t solve anything”.  My friend stoically replied, “Maybe. But that guy won’t be bothering me anymore.”  I laughed some more.

There is a phenomenon in our culture with kids (and now apparently adults) randomly approaching people on the street and clocking them in the head/face.  The reason?  Just for thrills of watching someone get injured.  It’s really sick.

Well, check out what happens when some stupid fool tries the same thing here.  He got more than what he bargained for and so did his companion.  If the law is a teacher, then so is a bit of “physical chivalry” when the circumstances warrant.

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