Kids or Money


When aging anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly, 83, took the podium last night, a few in the packed audience adjusted aprons they had worn in protest, others rolled their eyes and some just sat quietly, waiting for Schlafly to tell them exactly why she believes feminism is bad for America.  Over the course of an hour in which the atmosphere in the College of Arts and Sciences classroom ranged from polite to confrontational, Schlafly detailed her life history, explained her opposition to the defeated Equal Rights Amendment and answered some hostile questions from those who had come with the belief that her lecture, “Feminist Follies: Why Women Belong in the Kitchen,” was in itself a folly.

“Here at a university where women are being educated, it’s a little late [to try to talk about giving up careers],” said CAS freshman Alison Huggins. “We spent too much money to turn back.” (Source)

So, it’s money or kids? I guess that about sums it up.

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