Kicking Abortion’s Ass Alert

From my good friend SUZANNE (is there any other?)

Subject: Important Pro-Life Alert

Ottawa’s News Talk radio CFRA ( will be covering the Unborn Victims of Crime bill twice more before the second hour of debate on Monday. You won’t want to miss these! Please call-in and make your views known! (Don’t forget, you can “listen live” from the CFRA website; I believe the number to call is 1-800-580-TALK)
1. Steve Madely will be interviewing Mr. Epp at 8:10 a.m. EST on Thursday, Feb. 28. Then he will be taking calls if there is enough interest. SO PLEASE CALL IN!
2. Gerry Cammy will be hosting a 2 hour- panel discussion on the Professor Gerry Cammy Show on Sunday evening, Mar. 2, 5:00 p.m. EST – 7:00 p.m. EST.  Ken Epp and Mary Talbot will be two of the guests, along with Joyce Arthur, co-ordinator of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, who has launched an intensive disinformation campaign to discredit the bill. The first hour of the show will be a panel discussion amongst the host and the guests (possibility of an additional guest, to be confirmed). The second hour will be open to callers from across the country. This show is very popular and has a huge listening audience.
This may be the last chance to make your views known publicly and to influence MPs before the second hour of debate which is set to take place at 11 a.m. Monday morning. Remember, the vote will occur next Wednesday, Mar. 5. Many, many MPs have still not made up their minds on how they will vote. It could go either way. Let’s make sure we send a loud and clear message to them! And please tell your family and friends.

4 thoughts on “Kicking Abortion’s Ass Alert

  1. Murder is wrong not simply because you object to it,but because it violates the Moral Law. All moral positions impose values. Even the moral position that you should not impose values on others does just that: it imposes values on others. For if we are not to restrain people legally from doing wrong, then we impose on others the effects of their wrongdoing.

    In the case of the killing of a pregnant woman and baby, the effects are felt by the baby, by the mother, by the father,by the rest of the family and by the friends of the family. The effects are also felt by innocent people who are the victims of crime that is spawned by our Canada’s blatant disrespect for life.

    Ken Epp is one of our nation’s pro-family hero’s in Parliament and we ought to support him.

  2. The living baby in the mother’s womb is a human being; the child is the product of human parents and has a totally distinct genetic code. Preborn children are innocent because they have done nothing wrong. They deserve protection not capital punishment !

  3. It is a shame that the Canadian voting public is allowing our schools and universities to “program” the graduating youth into being hard wired Godless humanist liberals. Even the churches have bought into this because we don’t hear a peep out of most of our leaders or members of the body politically where the country makes it’s ” laws”. Godless humanism has “infected” the whole of Canada. That is why ABORTION, that murder of live unborn babies is going on here. Ken Epp is going to retire I believe at the end of this year, and if a violent criminal kills a mom and an unborn baby that person ought to be charged with two murders even if that baby is unwanted. In California they have the, ” Lacy-Connor Law “, that says that if a muderer kills a pregnant woman and her baby he is charged with two murders!

    I am making a liar out of no one, but anonymous ought to know that in California they still kill unwanted unborn babies, and in Canada we still have too many liberal-minded governments, politicians and judges untill the sleeping Giant wakes up if it will. If the law ever changes in Canada the liberal-minded politicians, doctors, judges, professors,media.and citizens would invoke the LAW that has allowed abortion, and with the change of the LAW would not be allowed to do this hideous practice anymore. The liberal minded governments and by this I mean all of them have nothing to fear from killing unborn babies because they are protected by Law. They are alway trying to justify abortion. They should watch M.D. Bernard Nathanson’s “SILENT SCREAM” and ” ECLIPSE OF REASON”. It would tell you somthing about those liberal-minded politicians. So very sad that these are the effects of politically correct relativism and darwinian humanism on our society.

    I thought C.S.Lewis’s book,” THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH”, was just a space story, but the liberal-minded Canadian education establishments have made it come true in Canada. It is about time to teach “balance” with teaching (ID) Intelligent Design Theory as well in our education establishments and then we will have a safer Canada.” Humanist ” Canada is dangerous to our societies health.

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