Kermit Gosnell: The Trial of the Century That The Media Refuses To Cover

I cover policy for the Washington Post, not local crime.”

I am left with my jaw on the floor at such a statement.  These secular journalists have little, if any, honour or integrity.

In a way, I am not surprised by this liberal reporter’s comment.  It solidifies, once again, that mainstream reporters today are basically propagandists of  the abortion industry – probably because many, if not most, have accessed the “services” themselves.  Hypocrisy has a way of keeping the truth quiet.  What a very sad indictment on our society.  Secular journalism today is the academic and intellectual brother of the porn industry.  There is really little difference.

  • Ignore and distort the truth
  • Engage in fantasy
  • Keep the money rolling in
  • Eschew justice to prop up a sexual totalitarianism

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