Kennedy Funeral, S+L Roundup

This will likely be my last post regarding the Kennedy funeral, unless some new and important information turns up.

I want to encourage everyone to examine the facts, and not get snookered by the propagandists of cheap mercy.  The Church has rules for a reason. They are not simply rules with no grounding in the Scriptures or are present for mere “legalism”.  The Church’s laws and directives are ultimately there for the protection of the Gospel itself – whether that is respecting the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, not scandalizing the faithful, or simply preserving what a funeral mass is for.

I want to caution you all about putting trust in Fr. Tom Rosica.

The D&P abortion scandal showed a side of Salt + Light that was very disturbing. I cancelled my subscription to Salt + Light for a variety of reasons a couple of months ago.  I never felt completely at ease with its programming, and was very disturbed at a few of its programming episodes, including the softball interview Fr. Rosica did with Premier Dalton McGuinty.  Their coverage of the D&P abortion scandal cemented it for me.  What is even more disturbing is the reaction of Fr. Rosica to the Archbishop of Toronto’s decision to call for reform of Development & Peace.  Even though his Grace largely exonerated the research conducted by Socon or Bust and LifesiteNews about the abortion funding practices of D&P, Fr. Rosica insisted that we were “misinterpreting” the Archbishop’s letter, and tried to spin the Archbishop’s judgement into something other than a rebuke to Development & Peace which it clearly was.

Moreover, I don’t recall seeing anything about Fr. Rosica’s reaction to the Notre Dame-Obama scandal, do you?  Are any of you interested to know what his position is?  I am very interested to know what his opinion is, but I very much doubt he will offer it, considering his views of the Kennedy funeral.  I’ll leave it up to you to figure out why he won’t be giving us his opinion of that fiasco

And with his slanderous tirade concerning Catholics who would firmly but respectfully challenge the public funeral of one of the most ardent pushers of abortion in the history of the world, this is yet another sobering warning sign to us all.

This will not be the last confrontation that we will have with Fr. Tom Rosica.  In the mean time, let us keep off the Koolaid, keep sober, keep awake, and most importantly, keep praying.

I want to express my thanks for the letters of support that I have received.  It was much appreciated…and needed. 

2 thoughts on “Kennedy Funeral, S+L Roundup

  1. You have a good heart John, and what you are trying to do is very noble. The voice of dissent is absolute. Dissenters such as Mohandas Ghandi, Wilbur Wilberforce, Martin Luther, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and many others helped reform corrupt human practices, and helped turn society into a more humane, caring world.

    Even though we disagree on some key theological issues, we basically agree on core, fundamental principles.

    Thanks John!

  2. Cliff you forgot Abraham Lincoln, and Gandi might have become a Christian if the Church of England had not turned him away and told him to worship with his own people. The Darwinian science books of the so-called Christian West had pictures of six human races and six simian species allegedly showing the proximity of the lowest races to simians. Cliff many people still believe this and call themselves christians.

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