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Greetings everyone,

Praised be Jesus Christ and Blessed Be His Mother for all generations!

As many of you might already know, a few weeks back, the CBC launched a little contest on Facebook called “The Great Canadian Wish List”. Much to the consternation of the CBC and the rest of their overwhelmingly pro-abort audience, the wish garnering the most support was the “ban abortion in Canada” wish.

After a few weeks, it’s still number one, having received 4369 votes at the time of this notice. But the pro-aborts are starting to gain ground, in part, we suspect, from calling in their American collaborators. They stand at 3542 to keep Canada “pro-choice”.

The purpose of this email is to ask you, if you are a Canadian citizen, to register your support, if you have not already done so. My good friend, Suzanne Fortin, is helping lead the charge and the instructions for registering and adding support can be accessed on her blog (just to the right):

This contest is very important for the pro-life movement in Canada for a few reasons.

First, it will strike down the myth that abortion is a settled issue in this country. In fact, even if we were to lose this contest, we would still show that this issue is far from over. Indeed, it will
never ever be over until we have won. And we will win. Count on it.

Second, we need to show the CBC that their days of biased anti-Christian, anti-life bigotry and lame duck liberalism are over. If they want to stay relevant to a new breed of young Canadians (the ones who are the backbone of the pro-life wish), they’d better get with the program fast and start opening up opportunities for pro-lifers and other social conservatives to contribute their views on the nation’s public airwaves, both in news coverage and programming. If they don’t do it, we’ll push for the privatization of the CBC next or we’ll work to completely marginalize and pigeon hole the CBC as a stump for liberal propagandists, thereby completely obliterating any shred of credibility they have left. And that’s not much admittedly.

Third, it will help ignite the pro-life movement like few events have in this country. It will be perhaps the biggest media and public relations victory we have ever had. And that accomplishment cannot be underestimated in a media culture such as ours. It is tantamount to the first significant pro-life victory ever in this country. Want to light a flame? Sign up and add your support.

Fourth, the networks that are being established among the prolife communities across this country both as organizations and individuals is substantial. This bodes very well for future activism for the unborn.

I am asking that our American friends in the U.S. not to participate officially since this is a battle on the ground for Canadians only. However, I am asking our American brothers and sisters to keep us in your prayers as we seek to win this battle for a once great nation.

Would it not be a wonderful thing that, once the contest ends on July 1, we deliver Canada’s wish as ending abortion? Now that would be a Canada Day to remember! It would be the first time in a long time that I could stomach to fly the Canadian flag again. We would have a victory for life and a sign of encouragement for the battles that lie ahead.

One more thing before I sign off. Prayer is required. We need to storm heaven and plead for God’s help and the assistance of his holy Angels as we look to break the back of abortion in this country. So I offer this prayer composed by Fr. Frank Pavone from Priests for Life.
Please pray it every day until July 1.

Prayer to End Abortion

Lord God, I thank You today for the gift of my life and for the lives of all my brothers and sisters. I know there is nothing that destroys more life than abortion, yet I rejoice that You have conquered death by the resurrection of Your Son. I am ready to do my part in ending abortion. Today I commit myself never to be silent, never to be passive, never to be forgetful of the unborn. I commit myself to be active in the pro-life movement, and never to stop defending life until all my brothers and sisters are protected, and our nation once again becomes a nation with liberty and justice not just for some, but for all, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

I’ll be fasting on Thursday June 21, the feast of Saint Aloysius Gonganza, the patron saint of youth and teenagers. Please join me that day. Bread and water only.

For life and for Canada,

John Pacheco
Social Conservatives United

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