Keep the Court Challenge Program Scrapped

Well, it looks like the bleeding heart liberals are at it again. As soon as Harper does anything sane on the culture front, the Left goes beserk over their perpetual entitlement to use taxpayer’s money to ram through their perversions.

Lorne Gunter wrote a very revealing piece in the National Post a couple of days ago about the CCP:

“The CCP may be funded by Canadian taxpayers, but it has been taken over by the very special interest groups that are its major beneficiaries. Aided by their ideological supporters in the academic and legal communities, these “rights-seeking” advocacy organizations use the program to fund court cases whose goal is a radical interpretation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Most of the time, when such cases get to court, these left-leaning government-funded organizations are opposed by traditionalist or right-of-centre groups who receive no tax dollars to cover their legal expenses.

In a recent court challenge on same-sex marriage, the program funded interventions in the case by the gay rights lobby EGALE and the Canadian Coalition of Liberal Rabbis for Same-Sex Marriage. Yet despite the fact that the program is funded by taxpayers, it paid none of the fees of the lawyers representing citizens’ groups opposed to changing the traditional definition of marriage.”

If the socially retarded Left wing in this country really thought that they could win the culture war, they would never sully themselves by accepting government money. The fact that they do hold out their hands, shows you that not only is their philosophy of life bankrupt and demented, but they have the audacity to mandate the Right wing pay for their ridiculous views.

Want to push the next sexual escapade on the public square? Fine, but don’t do it on my dime. Send my regards to Bill Gates and friends. Maybe they can help you.

Next on the agenda: Rabble.

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