Keep supporting Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto

Archbishop Thomas Collins has been at the forefront of the efforts to get Development and Peace (D&P) back on the straight and narrow. May God bless him.

Last summer, he argued convincingly that D&P funding had to be channeled to groups that were in harmony with Church teaching and that were endorsed by the local bishop. Since D&P chose not to follow these principles but to continue with the status quo, the Archdiocese picked its own group of 15 partners to which funds from Toronto will be sent.  In keeping with his word, Archbishop Collins obtained confirmation from the bishops in each of these countries that the groups he was funding were in harmony with Church teaching. 

Unfortunately, the good Archbishop did not receive accurate information on one of these fifteen groups.  As was reported earlier by John, one of the Brazilian partners (CIMI) endorsed by the Brazilian bishops actively opposes the criminalization of infanticide among the indigenous population of Brazil.  This has been an ongoing scandal in the Brazilian Church for years.

My heart goes out to Archbishop Collins.  He set up a clever approval mechanism and worked hard to obtain confirmation from his brother bishops in other countries.  Only “paranoid” folks like John and I would do a separate investigation to double-check if the groups endorsed by the bishops are indeed Catholic.  As it turns out, we weren’t paranoid at all.  Archbishop Collins acted in good faith but was not given all of the information on CIMI.

Now that the shortcomings of CIMI have been exposed, I have no doubt that Archbishop Collins will eventually switch his funding to another group.  He’ll probably do this discretely, so as to avoid humiliating the Brazilian bishops.  But he’ll do it.  He’s a man of integrity and a man of his word.

So let’s not get upset with Archbishop Collins over his funding of CIMI.  Let’s continue to offer our support and prayers to him as he considers a new partner.  Pro-lifers in Canada have some resources and knowledge with regards to identifying partners that are anti-life.  We hope that he avails himself of such assets.


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