One thought on “Kasperites aren’t relenting

  1. No fault divorce was one of the first family destroying, and child traumatizing tenets of so-called “neutral” Secular Humanism legalized when it became the official State Worldview-Religion of Canadian ,American and European Civilization ,starting only in the the 1960’s,baby killing abortion on demand followed with child corrupting governmental secular humanist sexology taught in schools by adult teachers as so-called sex and health education.Now our youth are educated in schools to believe Christianity is the cause of the Worlds problems,not Secular Humanist Hedonism.The West exports this hedonism to the entire globe through the so-called United Nations.Roman Emperor Constantine converted to the benevolent Christian worldview about the year 307.Before this Christians were also persecuted,marginalized and killed by governmental religious decree.All gods and worldviews are not the same.Since Western Civilization rejected Christianity as their State Sanctioned Religion-Worldview in Government,Law and Education,and then adopted so-called “neutral” Secular Humanist Hedonism as their New State Sanctioned Worldview-Religion starting in the mid 1960’s real Christians are persecuted by government decree,and edifices of worship and their clergy have embraced the government sanctioned worldview and gods of so-called neutral secular humanist hedonism.When a society is educated in schools to believe perversion is normal and legal, they persecute the ones who point out the risks of this worldview to children and society that this legalized evil causes.We must pray that reason prevails.

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