Kasper the Liar and Heretic

After the publication of an interview with Zenit News yesterday in which Cardinal Walter Kasper made remarks widely interpreted as disparaging the contributions of African bishops at the Synod on the issue of homosexuality, the cardinal has now denied making such comments. In response, Edward Pentin, the seasoned Catholic reporter who obtained the interview, has now published on his own website the full audio of the interview with the cardinal, who is best known for his controversial push at the Synod on the Family to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to receive communion in some cases. While Pentin says he is standing behind his interview, Zenit has since removed the interview from their website. “I am appalled. I have never spoken this way about Africans and I never would,” Kasper told German media after the interview was published. “I assure you that in these days and weeks…nobody from Zenit has introduced themselves to me and no one has asked for an interview. Nobody from Zenit has had an interview from me.” (Source)

Well, there you are folks.  Sometimes God has a way of seeking divine retribution.  Or am I allowed to use such a nasty phrase in this squishy church age of luv and tolerance?  Since the truth and justice don’t matter anymore, and where law is vanquished and ridiculed by the Pope, what’s there to be scandalized about?  Adultery is a lie, and Kasper has no problem speaking about it as something positive, so why should anyone be surprised that he lied about the Africans?

In an age where mortal sin is cheap, mercy comes at a bargain basement price , so a little white lie against a black Cardinal…bah…Walter…who are we to judge?

One thought on “Kasper the Liar and Heretic

  1. It’s actually the African bishops who for the most part are upholding Christ’s teachings, and they’re not afraid of speaking the Truth. They don’t vie for human respect as Cardinal Kasper and his ilk do. No wonder he wants to disparage them.

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