Kasper has a history of saying really stupid things

Meanwhile, Kasper has his own history of offensive comments on the Third World. In the runup to Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to England, Kasper remarked, “England today is a secularized, pluralistic country. When you land at Heathrow Airport, you sometimes think you’d landed in a Third World country.” The immediate and furious reaction was soon followed by the cancellation of Kasper’s plans to accompany Benedict to England. As John Allen reported at the time: That line received huge play today in the British press and was widely taken as a slight. (My proof is that a cab driver on the way in from Heathrow today, upon learning that I was here to cover the pope, asked me: “Third world country? Who does that bloke think he is?”) One of the points that Kasper made in his initial interview was that African bishops are less ready to speak on certain topics than bishops from other parts of the world. That would seem to be an example from which the good cardinal could stand to learn, as, probably, could we all. (Source)

This is a very disturbed man with a disturbed view of the third world.  And I’m sure his ubra-modern theology has a lot to do with that.

And yet the Pope, for all his love of the poor and the disenfranchised, wants to keep giving such a false teacher the spot light.   Sooner or later, you get to be known by the company you keep.

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