Kangaroo Koolaid Kourt and their Pimps Endanger Canada’s Peace

What keeps a society civilized?

The Law, in part.

But the law itself is not what keeps society civilized. In reality, it is the respect for the law that does so.

As Canadian citizens, we have certain unalienable human rights as a free people. One of these rights is to be treated fairly under the law regardless of social demographic. We expect, nay demand, that if a crime is perpertrated against one person, then the law should punish the perpetrator for the crime committed, irrespective of who the victim is.

Yet today in Canada, the only persons who qualify to be discriminated against appear to be Christians.

In the case of the uproar caused by the complaint filed against Free Dominion, this observation is even more pronounced. A previous edition of Rabble.ca featured a strongly anti-Catholic cartoon caricature of Pope Benedict XVI. In the animated cartoon, the pope repeatedly marches to a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, then gives a Nazi salute with the caption “Heil Mary.”

Apparently, a Catholic complained to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The complaint was dismissed. It remains to be seen, however, if the same result will forthcoming against Bill Whatcott for his comments (via Free Dominion) against radical Islam, which were well within the purview of reasonable debate and discussion.

If the decision against Free Dominion is not dismissed completely, how, I wonder, will anyone ask social conservatives and Christians, in particular, to respect the rule of law in this country?

Once the law loses the sense of objectivity and fairness, the people under its yoke will not remain there for too long without revolt. And, if the law becomes even more repressive and punitive, violence is not an impossibility.

The Left should not presume that the tyranny of these Kangaroo courts will not impact them. Because what keeps their government in power is the Right’s respect for the law, but when the sense of fairness and justice are removed from the law, then just how long can the oppressed give authority to those who abuse their duty?

The Islamists have long figured out that if you want to beat Western Civilization, you threaten it, intimidate it, and then attack it. They know that the Left wing of the political spectrum will buckle in and retreat, retreat, retreat. They retreat because they have no meaning beyond this world, and they would rather give up a little bit of territory and a little bit of freedom every day, then actually having to confront the terrible sacrifice it is going to cost for us to maintain our way of life. Islam has the after life. Athiestic Secularism does not. It is not difficult to see who is going to win.

And in there lies the enormous irony in this whole situation: the Right’s respect for the rule of law and the Left’s refusal to apply that law fairly will end up destroying our civilization.

O Canada, when are we going to stand on guard for thee?

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