Kanadian Kangaroo Kourt Seeking to Shut Down Free Speech Internationally

The Canadian Human Rights Commission is a multiculti kangaroo court.  The complaint against Macleans will be adjudicated next year, and findings entered against the magazine.  (Steyn told me that the CHRC has granted 100% of the petitions brought to it so far.)  What then? 

Fines and other sanctions will be entered against Macleans along with probable injunctions against further “harmful journalism” that offends Muslims.  A case may be brought against Steyn himself later.  Which means that he could be subjected to fines or other penalties in Canada for exercising his First Amendment rights in the US. And — because American publishers look to Canada for about 10% of their sales — Steyn may, like Ehrenfeld, find publishers unwilling to publish his work. (Source)

Liberals: what ever they touch, they destroy. 

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