Justin Trudeau’s Miscalculation on Abortion

One wonders if the recent decree from Justin Trudeau was proposed by one of his enemies.  There is a reason why politicians flee from this question in terms of actually doing anything about it…other than the normal rhertoric. It costs lots of votes and typically there is no upside.  But for some strange reason, the leader of the Liberal Party has deemed it necessary to alienate the last vestiges of support from the Liberal Party and finish the job that Jean Chretien started.  He needs votes, and probably is shilling for more NDP ideologues and some Conservative votes, but it is hard to see how his move is a net gain.

Still, perhaps he never counted on the backlash which is coming, not only in terms of his status in the Church, but he may have the dubious honour of starting real sanctions against pro-abort politicians in Canada and around the world.

Here are some comments from the Petition which are directed at exacting some discipline on him:

  • No more delay. It’s time to stand for the truth.
  • It is time that the bishops start to push back.
  • Not only is Trudeau defending the undefensible, he is also threatening freedom of thought.
  • I was a subscribing member of the Canadian and Provincial Liberal party. I have just cancelled my membership in the Federal party.
  • I beg of you, bishops of Canada, do not remain silent in the face of such grave betrayals of our faith. A pastoral approach cannot be divorced from pastoral correction, a correction that is both personal– the offender being named– and public, so that the faithful know that abortion really is a grave sin.
  • Doing the will of God is the only thing worth while doing, please do what you were ordained to do, lead your people.
  • Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal party of Canada, is imposing upon the members of his party not to be pro-life, or to be pro-death.  Obviously Trudeau rejects the idea of anyone exercising a choice.
  • I, our family, my Church & community are deeply, deeply concerned about Mr. Justin Trudeau’s comments about those qualifying for Liberal candidates in the next election. Dee ply, deeply disturbing indeed!
  • It is outrageous that in a democratic country where we are supposed to have the freedom to elect Candidates that represent their constituents, a leader of a federal party can force all candidates to profess their Pro-Choice stand. This does not allow for representation and shame on you Justin Trudeau.
  • Justin Trudeau has no idea what he is doing – please help him understand.
  • Where are our freedoms!!!!!! Who ever votes Liberal needs to do some more thinking/reflecting. Praying for you.
  • Politician should not profess to be Catholic and take positions directly in conflict of Church teaching. Separating faith and politics is a moral cop-out.
  • As a Canadian citizen I am alarmed at the young up and coming Dictator heading up the Liberal Party of Canada, historically the “Catholic” Party, declaring that political party is now a no-go area for Catholics who adhere to the Faith. I am even more alarmed at the few voices from the Church leaders of Canada. The people of the Church want desperately to hear One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic voice of all bishops – in unison, publicly challenge Justin Trudeau for his bigotry and hatred of preborn Canadian children, and, declare he is forbidden to receive the Holy Eucharist until he becomes a true Catholic again.  You can not any longer dodge this issue.

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