Justin Trudeau Stands With China and North Korea for Abortion on Demand

Abortions after the woman is 13 weeks pregnant are performed by a dilation and evacuation procedure. As the fetus grows larger and his or her bones become harder, the baby becomes difficult to extract. The cervix must be opened wider, and the head of the baby must be crushed before it can be removed. Bone fragments are sharp and must be carefully removed to avoid damage to the uterus and cervix. The parts of the baby must be identified upon removal to make sure the abortion is complete. Suction is used for a final clean out of fetal or placental tissue that may remain behind.

So when Mr. Trudeau says “I support a woman’s right to choose”, he stands with the leaders of only North Korea and China in condoning this barbaric practice. (Source)

This is one very, very sick man.  He needs help.

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