Justin Trudeau ‘looks forward’ to meeting with Ottawa archbishop about receiving Communion

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau says his office and the Ottawa Archdiocese are arranging a meeting between he and Archbishop Terrence Prendergast to discuss his pro-abortion stance and whether he will be permitted to receive Communion.

Asked about indications from the archdiocese that he could be denied Communion, the self-professed Catholic politician told CBC, “I look forward to having a conversation with the bishop where he can explain, if that is the case, his views on that.”…. (Source)

The bishops “views” are not just views, Justin.  They represent the tradition that has been handed down, and in short order, it looks like you are going to be asked to stay in the Pew.

21 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau ‘looks forward’ to meeting with Ottawa archbishop about receiving Communion

  1. The Archbishop needs to explain to Mr. Trudeau. That Holy Things are for Holy People. To approach the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. One must be free from Mortal Sin. And things made right with God. By a good confession.

  2. Don’t you know what the worldview and Religion of Secularism has legalized, and then normalized to Canadian and Western schoolchildren, as human rights? Not very long ago Canadian, and Western schoolchildren started their mornings with The Lord’s Prayer,led by their teachers. Canada and The West claimed to be Christian in Government, Law, Education, and Edifices of worship called Churches led by Bishops.

    Secularism is not neutral as it dishonestly claims to be, but legalizes, and then imposes it’s morality and justice on everyone including schoolchildren, as human rights. Thus changing the Character of Western Civilization starting with Kindergartners.

    Now the acceptance of legalized Abortion, Sodomy and Homosexual Marriage is normalized, by adult schoolteacher’s, and their homosexual activist friends to innocent, impressionable schoolchildren, as so-called human rights.

    Clubs are legally formed in schools by adult teachers, and their homosexual activist etc.friends, to recruit schoolchildren. Their argument being that some Kindergarteners may be born homosexual,transgendered naturally, therefore all will be nurtured, and recruited in schools to accept Kinsey Sex Education which includes homosexuality etc., as normal behavior.

    What do you call a Church, and Democratic Secular society that elects politicians with policies such as these, who then pass Bills into Law that everyone has to live with,including innocent impressionable schoolchildren,as human rights? No wonder Justin Trudeau looks forward to meeting with these Secular Bishops.

    • Unrestricted freedom is an illusion.

      Incompatible visions of what is right and wrong cannot indefinitely exist in society – in the end, it will either be all Catholic or all belonging to Satan.

      We can see this played out in the area of homosexuality – when that is generally accepted as a right, Christian rights are given the shaft.

      Freedom cannot be divorced from truth.

      • It was for liberty that Christ freed us.So stand firm and do not take the yoke of slavery a second time.
        When a democratic society throws Christ out of Government, Law and Education, and replaces Him with so-called neutral Secularism,politically imposed morbid tyranny is what they get.

  3. Justin, I don’t believe your Father, Pierre and your Mother Margaret believed in Abortion or Homosexuality, or a world with 7 genders perhaps if they had you may not have been born…..
    Justin look at your own dear children, are you not glad your wife
    did not abort them Darlings..I voted for your Father in 1968 and I would for you except I cannot in good conscience do so as I am PRO LIFE… I BELIEVE IN CREATION NOT EVOLUTION


    • It was Pierre Trudeau that opened the door for homosexuals. Remember his statement “the government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation”

  4. Dictators are exactly that and history reveals their ultimate defeat and often untimely exit. Justin has crossed the great divide and expects acceptance of his ultimatums. He has handed victory to his oponents but is too spiritually blind to truly see the consequences of his rhetoric.

    Prayers are offered for this leader who would take mankind on an immoral and deadly path. God will not be mocked.

    Justin’s next move is into the Confessional with repentence
    and a firm purpost of amendment.

    One day he too will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ— as must we all!

    • Totalitarian countries practice in brainwashing their citizens,starting in the schools, etc. All communist countries do this. They rewrite the textbooks to fit their ideology,by misrepresenting the facts. This socially engineers the society against The Totalitarian States political opponents.

      In the Christian West we thought that schools above all ought to be engaged in the pursuit, and discussion of the truth. So-called neutral Secularism in Government, Law and education with it’s Politically Correct ideology has brought our church and society here. Only righteous citizens political unity, and political action can democratically correct this imposed tyranny. The Secular Church cannot do anything,but bring more people in to get reeducated into The New State Religion/Worldview. Christ’s church teaches righteousness, and does not bring in people into it’s Secular Religious Corporations for the personal material gain of it’s charming charlatan leaders. This is not Christianity,but Nicolaitanism.

      After The Second World War,The West was still Christian of sorts. Schoolchildren started school with The Lord’s Prayer led by their teachers, and The Ten Commandments were on Government, Courtroom, Schoolroom walls, and in peoples hearts. The War Crimes Tribunal indicted Ten Nazi Leaders for the crimes against Humanity of,” Encouraging And Compelling Abortions.” The Nazis claimed they were innocent, because their Government, and Supreme Court passed over 400 laws legalizing their killing of non-persons.
      This excuse however did not work with The Western Christian Perspective and they were indicted for murder.
      Trials Of War Criminals,Nuremberg Military Tribunal,Washington,DC:U S G P O ,Volume IV page 610.

      How can most of you go to or conduct Mass, and then vote for Politicians who pass Bills into law ,which legalize the killing of babies in the warmth of their mothers wombs, by classifying them as non-persons?
      We must continue to pray without ceasing for our Traditional Family Values citizens, leaders and the others to change their murderous opinions.

      • Excellent overview. Catholics should be made aware that Liberalism was condemned by Holy Mother Church well over 100 years ago. For the enlightenment of Catholics here is a post from my FB timeline:

        I posted this earlier in a thread, but I decided to post it again in case anyone has missed or couldn’t find it. This also has a link to a long but important exposee of the errors of liberalism.

        The problem with new Canadians is that most come from wrecked or corrupt countries, and when they see the word “liberal” they think that they’ll be better off under Canadian liberalism. Due to this they vote Liberal, not knowing that liberalism is a diabolical disorientation and a child of Freemasonry. With more and more new Canadians and their children falling into liberalism, conservatives (i.e. true Canadian conservatism, not American neo-liberal Republican “conservatism”) will be outnumbered. Our provincial and federal Conservatives MUST make some herculean efforts to reach out to new Canadians and to show them all of the errors of Masonic liberalism or true conservative in Canada will die. If anyone here wishes to read the origin and errors of liberalism, which I’m afraid is quite long but can be read in chapters, go here:

  5. I can’t wait to find out how this meeting between Ottawa Archbishop and Trudeau turns out, if it takes place.

    Murder is wrong because it violates the Moral Law. All moral positions impose values. If we don’t restrain people legally from wrong doing, then we impose on others the effects of the wrong doing. Abortions effects are felt by the baby being killed in the womb, in some cases by the father, and by the mother who is often misled and coerced to kill her child, and must suffer the emotional and physical consequences for the rest of her life. The effects are also felt by innocent people who are victims of crime spawned by our Governments blatant disrespect for life. Political Apathy is responsible for this. If politicians are held accountable for this, they may pass a Bill into law to put an end to this holocaust.

  6. I hope if the Archbishop speaks to Justin Trudeau that he reminds him of the Ten Commandment which in the 5th one it clearly says that: Tough shall not kill. Why is this so hard to understand. I thought this was understood when you were in school. I find that he is bocking the system to show that he is better than anybody else. Please start praying and things will go better. Prayers are important and don’t forget.

  7. Very happy to see Bishop Prendergast, S.J., has taken up his duties. From what little I’ve heard, this is one of the few Canadian bishops who is not a pushover (hello, most bishops in Quebec). And why stop at Mr. Trudeau? How about every Catholic member of the Liberal caucus? After all, they are now all required to be proabortion. I realize this will appear to run counter to the “merciful” theme of Pope Francis’ preaching, but the unborn could use just a bit of that mercy milk themselves. And not to impugn Pope Francis: he has been staunchly prolife and anti homosexual marriage (quite openly calling it the work of the devil), but the media play blind to those parts of his past and pontificate.

    On the other hand, I hate to put it to you, but Mr. Trudeau will be the next prime minister of Canada. And you thought his Daddy was bad news. Reportedly 1.2 million people in Toronto bestirred themselves to watch and participate in that city’s gay pride parade. Eighty-seven percent of your fellow Catholics contracept and have excluded God from their sexual embrace just the like the gays. Reevangelization is a fancy word, but between it and the reality may lie a few rough years yet.

  8. Good to hear that Archbishop Prendergast is having a little pow wow with Mr. Trudeau. Nobody ever did that with his Dad who introduced abortion to this country. Feckless, useless bishops of the time. Looks like we have a better version for now, at least in Ottawa.

    Might be good to call all the other Catholic members of the Liberal caucus for a little bishop-layman colloquy, as they are now all required to think and vote proabortion. This will certainly seem to go against the grain of the “mercy” theme of Francis’ pontificate, but the unborn could use a little sip of that mercy milk themselves. And not to impugn Pope Francis: he has been staunchly prolife and called homosexual marriage the work of the devil. But the media give him a pass on those past statements, at least while it is to their advantage to try to pull him into their zone of anything goes.

    And, of course, in the Catholic Church anything still goes. People have simply tuned out the magisterium. Eighty-seven percent of those worshippers in the pews contracept. Which, of course, is why those churches are just teeming with children… . Not to be too pessimistic, but we could use a few more heroes and heroines who trust their families and fertility to the Lord. Not irresponsibly, but with generosity. When you see such families, affirm them, please. And lend a hand.

    Which they’ll need once Mr. Trudeau is prime minister. Reevangelization is a fancy word, but it is a field that is somewhat rocky; negotiating it will be a good day’s work indeed!

  9. Mr. Trudeau want to create a situation against the catholic church. He want the church to change its faith and practice to adjust his agenda. What an immature politician! I want to tell him ” Either Church.Catholic church”. You can not have it both ways. I want to ask him a question whether he is ready to change his position on abortion? Then the church is ready to accommodate him. The church is a big tent but members especially these so called “BIG LEADER” has to follow its practices too.

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