One thought on “Justification: Contrasting Catholic & Protestant Positions

  1. Thank you so much for this John, I just heard yet another sermon recently
    skewing the virtue of obedience, ANOTHER “homily” twisted to tell people yet again our God is not like our Fathers of origin who want obedience from their children. in order for Him to love us.

    God demands obedience. But …we don’t want to scare them away. must be the motto…In fact I was told that He had heard such horror stories in the confessional, and I guess he didn’t want to “hurt” them. Sorry… I just don’t think I can take it . I wanted to send Him a big huge pile of writings on sin and whatever became of sin, instead just lent him a copy of a John Corapi homily.

    I know we are to pray for our Priests, but some are still deliberately deciding to stay away from speaking the whole Truth, with the time they have, or soften it up to such mush, it is barely edible for even a “baby” Christian. Often it is just rehashed, lukewarm pablum.

    Basically, the slant was twisted to say yes of course we are loved anyway,
    by God , and don’t have to earn it.

    Here we go again, making God out to be some mushy Father who “loves” us even if we hurt ourselves , even though he has told us what to do to avoid it. A twisted version of saying God does discipline us when we SIN.
    However, the word suffering from discipline does not get mentioned. Well, where I come from it is precisely pain that discipline is supposed to cause to move us to know we are hurting, and crucifying Our Lord again and hurting our eternal salvation along with it and move us to repentance.
    Where I come from one is supposed to see the seriousness of one’s own sin as he/she moves into a deeper relationship with God and is open to His Purification. St. Teresa of Avila could not stand the slightest venial sin.
    Oooops there is that word about Saints. Oooo from a Pastor who “said those Saints of old, are not who we should listen., to. After Mass I was moved to discuss this avoidance of the ugly “sin” word which he chose to c interpret in a more Psychological manner of what happened to so many people from their parents, childhood, etc. Granted the arrows of our childhood lay the ground and ready the soil for the evil to enter at perhaps a more readily fashion, it is by no means truth to say that sin is not what it is. We have a tendency to it and whether we choose to follow it once we know the truth is another thing and let’s face it we all have some conscience even when we are young. We just instead follow the way of self.

    This modern mixing of psychology to explain away sin is dangerous and
    it is like a growing cancer poisoning Truth. I have notice more of it on some E.W.T.N. shows.

    I approached him on the topic of sin , and said
    I was moved, obviously by God’s grace to have a deeply repentant heart and confessed my SIN, then received incredible consolation from God,
    and experienced an amazing feeling of peace and love. Reason: because I was now not separated from my loving Father God anymore by,… SIN. Pastors who continue to preach this version of a false God, Jesus and the omission of the Holy Spirit’s work, in bringing us to repent of our sin..{.and that, involves an ongoing more clear vision of just how deeply our every sin hurts God), are harming the Church and will be accountable for souls improperly evangelized and taught the whole Truth.

    It appears, at times , I dread to say, that this silence or “softening ” of God’s Word and presumption we all “know” our Faith., is a result of some political thing in the Church and/or they are seeking numbers to fill their buildings.
    The building may be full but Half of the Congregation treats Mass time as if they are at a movie,eating away, laughing, talking and walking around during the Liturgy and Consecration, etc.

    I was told by said Pastor, who dislikes speaking about sin and often does with dislike showing on his face as if “that” kind of God is not the real God, but the one we had fear from from our childhood.
    If I hear this one more time I am going to shout. I have heard this jargon in meetings of a different sort,but to be hearing it in the Catholic Church is pathetic.

    There is always talk of God’s Mercy, yes of course, but the term and meaning of Mercy is being cheapened, and important teachings are left out such as presumptuous mercy.

    I wrote a letter regarding this despicable tendency polluting the Catholic Church making Jesus out to be some “feel good” anything goes, kind of “guy”. There is no talk of Him being who he Truly Is, and of Hell.
    There is no talk of the ever growing tendency toward minimalism
    and few homilies that challenge and speak the truth or speak “anything” about contraception or abortion, or even the proper forming of men of God , to be leaders according to God to their wives and families.
    Like the song goes “What’s going on?”

    Should not one leave Mass still contemplating God’ Word and ruminating on it. Why don’t we have more people like there are in Renewal Ministries being brought to speak to the Parishioners?. Just a couple of my own thoughts.

    I have to speak of this one incidence, when I asked specifically ahead of time at this other particular Catholic Church to see the Priest ahead of an evening Mass for confession, cause I am one of those over zealous “guilty” folk who feels moved to confess venial sin, and was told by the Priest upon hearing me, “You don’t have to confess every thing such as that,… unless of course, you want to be a Saint.”

    Hello????calling God. right away, PLEASE!

    Thank You Lord for showing me and continuing to show me just how far I have to go and how much is left to be molded and made new.
    Thank You Lord for the greatest Sacrament of all after your Most Blessed
    Real Presence in Your Most Holy Eucharist, Your Blessed Sacrament of Reconciliation of which we would be lost if forever without.


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