Just who do you think you are?

“You cannot name a situation which Christ did not foresee, nor can you tell us that you are wiser than Christ and that you can modify what he has said. We will then ask you, ‘who do think you are? Greater than Christ?’ He is the way the truth and the life,” he said. (Source)

You know, until this Synod, it was left to Bloggers to be blunt and frank with the Cardinals and Bishops. But, as you can see from the above remarks, the gloves have finally come off and our holy bishops are speaking and putting the boots to the devil and his disciples.

I must say that this is like cold watermelon on a blistering hot day.  So cool, refreshing, quenching.

Just who do you think you are? Greater than Jesus?  Well, yeah, that’s what they think, and we should call them on it….just like Cardinal Arinze did.

Read the whole interview.  He dismantles this whole pastoral fraud for what it is.  If it were ever accepted, it would be the end of Christianity (never my Catholicism) as we know it…as the poisonous principles that it would establish would overturn every moral code Christianity demands.

I once met the good Cardinal in Cincinnati in 1996 at a Human Life International Conference.  I remember he once passed by me in the Hotel…and a beautiful fragrant of roses followed him.

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