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Development and Peace- the facts

  1. Five pro-abortion groups in Mexico received $170,000 in total this year from D&P in Canada.  These five groups are pressuring the government of Mexico to legalize abortion.
  2. D&P is also funding at least one pro-abortion group in Bolivia (Center for Promotion and Integral Health- CEPROSI).  This group has been described as “one of the most militant, radical and active pro-abortion organizations in Bolivia.”
  3. D&P are funding two pro-abortion groups in Brazil. The first group, the Rural Women’s Movement openly opposes efforts to enforce Brazil’s laws against abortion, and suggests that abortion is a “right.” Federation of Organs for Social and Educational Assistance, or FASE, is the second pro-abortion group.
  4. Two pro-abortion groups (Kay Fanm and Fanm Deside) in Haiti are being funded by D&P.  Both webpages clearly state their pro-abortion stance.
  5. A sixth pro-abortion group in Mexico was also being funded by D&P- Center for Support for the Popular Movement of the West- CAMPO, received $35,000 Canadian dollars in the 2007-2008 year.
  6. ***Bishops in East Timor fight to stop abortions in their country, while D&P is funding a feminist organization (FOKUPERS) working against the Catholic bishops there.
  7. D&P are funding an organization in Peru (Latin American Coordinator of Rural Organizations- CLOC that included pro-abortion groups.  In addition, the group denounces the Catholic bishops of the Dominican Republic for their “intervention” in “government affairs”.  The Catholic bishops of the Dominican Republic have led several national campaigns to prevent the legalization of abortion in their country.
  8. A Mexican pro-abortion group (Comaletzin Rural Feminist Interregional Coordinator- Comaletzin), received $32,000  from D&P in the 2007-2008 year.  This group helps women to obtain legal permission for abortions, promotes the depenalization of abortion, opposes pro-life legislation, and has called for the United Nations to revoke the Vatican’s diplomatic status.  This is the seventh pro-abortion group in Mexico that D&P funds.
  9. D&P fund a pro-abortion group in Nicaragua.  Women’s Collective actively promotes an abortion-on-demand agenda in Nicaragua. The group has worked to block pro-life legislation in the country, demands the legalization of abortion, and supported Obama’s decision to revoke the Mexico City Policy. The group promotes and dispenses contraceptives from its “women’s health” clinic.  (to view the huge pro-abortion banner at the office of Women’s Collective-http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2009/apr/09042403.html)
  10.  An eighth pro-abortion group in Mexico is also funded by D&P- Women in Solidarity Action Team– EMAS.  They received $31,000 in 2007-2008. 
  11. D&P is funding a pro-abortion information service in Ecuador
     that consistently publishes opinion and news articles supportive of the legalization or depenalization of abortion, contraceptive use, and homosexual behavior, as well as attacking the Catholic Church for its doctrines on human life and family.  D&P gives this group ‘over’ $100,000 annually.
  12. In July 2008, D&P sent a group of six women on a “solidarity and training tour” to Nigeria, primarily to work with the organization Youth Adolescent Reflection and Action Centre (YARAC).  This group is pro-contraception.  On a link from their webpage entitled The Learning Process, we learn that- “Whatever health education activities you do, well chosen and properly used materials can help you do it better. For example, if you are teaching people about how the body works, a flipchart can make it easier to explain. If you are having a group discussion about sexuality, flashcards and games can help to stimulate discussion. If you are teaching people how to use a condom, they will learn better by touching real condoms and practicing putting them on a model, such as a bottle.” (See http://yaracnigeria.org/node/4).
  13. *** A pro-abortion organization funded by D&P removed statements from its website expressing enthusiastic support for Mexico City’s law permitting abortion on demand for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The All Rights for Everyone Network- TDT received $40,000 dollars from D&P in the 2007-2008 year.
  14. *** On May 28, 2009, the bishops of Peru wrote a letter asking the bishops of Canada to stop funding pro-abortion groups in Peru.  The letter states, “It is very disturbing to have groups which work against the Bishops of Peru by attempting to undermine legal protection for the right to life of unborn children, be funded by our brother bishops in Canada.”  To view this letter- www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2009/jun/09060911.html.
  15.  D&P is funding numerous African groups that advocate for abortion and contraception.  A Nigerian group, Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre- WARDC, is a D&P partner group and in a report it repeatedly calls upon the government of Nigeria to improve “access to family planning services, including a full range of contraceptive methods,” and to ensure access to abortion.  A group from Benin, the Association for Women Lawyers of Benin-AFJB is a D&P partner. In their report, AFJB speaks approvingly of various initiatives that the Benin government has undertaken to improve access to contraception, despite the fact that the laws on the books officially prohibit contraceptive propaganda. However, the report continues, “In spite of these initiatives, adolescent girls do not have adequate access to the family planning services.”  In Guinea, the Coalition Nationale des Femmes – Droits et Citoyenneté (CONAG – DCF) is also listed as a D&P partner. In November of last year, however, CONAG-DCF, along with numerous other pro-abortion groups, signed on to a petition denouncing the decision of Uruguayan President Tabaré Vazquez to veto an abortion bill that had been passed.  Another group in Togo, “Forces en action pour le mieux-être de la mère et de l’enfant” (FAMME), is also listed as a partner of D&P. However, a 2006 report by USAID (the official U.S. government agency providing US economic and humanitarian support abroad details a program instituted by FAMME, in which FAMME obtains and distributes condoms to sex workers in Togo.


The above facts can be found on two webpages,



or by going to www.devp.org, following the links from the International Program pages, and accessing the information directly from their own webpages.

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