Just Passed The Pro-Aborts

What a very, very sad bunch of people. In great need of mercy and forgiveness, even through their denial and anger. They seek acceptance for their abortions, but they won’t find it – in either this life or in the next life.
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One thought on “Just Passed The Pro-Aborts

  1. They’re an odd bunch, eh? Strange expressions on their faces and strange slogans on their signs. One was something about “Invest in Microsoft”?!?! But they don’t get it, they really don’t—they are protesting at a caricature of what they think pro-lifters believe. “Slut-shaming”? What the heck is that? They are rather sad and pathetic, actually.

    On the other hand, I have no delusions about the pro-life side: a lot of them are quite confused as well. We do indeed have the numerical momentum, but the great bulk of pro-lifers are very badly formed. For example, few of the younger ones understand the link with contraception, having fallen for all the sloganeering of the sexual revolution.

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