Julian Hanlon: Time for a Change

Julian Hanlon is the Director of Education of the Ottawa Catholic School Board. Here’s his permissive approach to having guest speakers and partners that oppose Church teaching:

“If we have blanket statements that anybody that opposes the Catholic or ever says something contrary to the Catholic Church teachings, we would never have anyone come into the schools.” (Source)

That’s how we end up with speakers like Justin Trudeau and partners that push for contraception.

Now here’s what the Archbishop of Ottawa, Terrence Prendergast recently said on the same topic:

“Guests and partners must give an authentic Catholic witness that will inspire and encourage, not a counter-witness that will discourage and confuse,” he added. “No matter how great their achievements in politics, business, sports, science, or the arts, we should not invite to our schools as guest speakers, or give awards to, those who provide a counter-witness to the Gospel.”

“We can get to the heart of this matter by returning to our shared goal of choosing guest speakers according to their ability to edify our students by their self-giving, their love, and their embrace of the culture of life for the sake of the Gospel, rather than according to their worldly fame.”

“We have to be Catholic and not worldly in those models we hold up to our students for admiration and imitation,” he said. (Source)

The contrast couldn’t be more clear.

Isn’t it refreshing and soothing to hear a bishop speak the Truth? It’s like a jacuzzi on a cold winter day.

I really hope that Julian Hanlon will take the Archbishop’s words to heart and change his position, for the good of the kids. However, if he doesn’t, he has to go. There’s no more pussy-footing around any more. If you’ve been following Catholic education in Ottawa, you’ll realize that the Archbishop is becoming more blunt and bold in his statements about making our schools genuinely Catholic. The Archbishop has no formal authority over the school board, which is an organization of the provincial government. So he’s using moral suasion instead.  This is an awesome development, for which I am very grateful.

Why don’t you send a quick “thank you” note to the Archbishop? He’ll be taking flack from the more liberal of the brethren over these statements. Let’s affirm him to do more: arch@archottawa.ca

One last thing. Don’t doubt the influence that a bishop can have in these matters. Never forget that he’s an Apostle of Christ. As such, he’s anointed and empowered by the Holy Spirit in a manner that we’ll never fully understand this side of Heaven. The Holy Spirit worked amazing miracles through the first Apostles. The same Spirit can perform wonders through today’s bishops that will defy any human logic. The bishops just need faith enough to let Him grab the steering wheel.

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