Judgement by Blackberry

Who needs the fuss and muss of real court when you can zip off an email and not even show up? If you have a minute, just punch in a quick text message to your particular Star Chamber Judge – you’ll have his address on your blackberry I’m sure – and pass “Go” to collect $200.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Vancouver, BC
Page 511

THE CHAIRPERSON: Good morning. I understand Mr. Warman is not with us.

MR. VIGNA: No, Mr. Chair, but he’s provided me his written submissions.

THE CHAIRPERSON: For the record, he did not advise the Tribunal. He told the Tribunal he would be here today. What he did was, and I’m advised by Ms Hartung, is that he just e-mailed his written submissions to us without any notification that he wasn’t going to be here.

THE CHAIRPERSON: Always after advising the Tribunal and perhaps getting the Tribunal’s understanding on such things so that we can better manage the trial. It wasn’t fair. He didn’t even provide us with copies. He sends them by e-mail, as if I’m going to read them on my Blackberry.

MR. VIGNA: I provided them.

THE CHAIRPERSON: I understand they were provided, but Mr. Warman frequently insists that everybody abide by the rules. He should too. I hope you convey that message to him. What we’re going to do is accommodate the respondent in any way that they feel necessary in light of the fact that these written submissions have been provided. I don’t know if you’ve had time to read them yet.

MR. FROMM: I was only made aware that Mr. Warman was not going to be here perhaps about 15 minutes ago. Mr. Vigna has kindly provided me with them. I can’t say –

THE CHAIRPERSON: I see a lot of pages there.

MR. VIGNA: There is my submissions and his submissions.

THE CHAIRPERSON: You both provided your own written submissions?

MR. VIGNA: Yes. Mine is short.


2 thoughts on “Judgement by Blackberry

  1. and this from an organization that will not accept complaints by E mail nor those on 2 sided faxes?

    Perhaps next time ‘lucy’ is to show up, he could at least show some respect for the tribunal and send a plasric, over inflated blow up doll?

  2. Arrest, jail, large fine for contempt. That would be the case for the rest of us, why do we have a two-tier legal system?

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