JP II: PastoraI activity must support and promote indissolubility

How quickly we forget.

One cannot give in to the divorce mentality:  confidence in the natural and supernatural gifts of God to man prevents that. PastoraI activity must support and promote indissolubility. The doctrinal aspects should be transmitted, clarified and defended, but even more important are consistent actions. Whenever a couple is going through difficulties, the sympathy of Pastors, and of the other faithful must be combined with clarity and fortitude in remembering that conjugal love is the way to work out a positive solution to their crisis. Given that God has united them by means of an indissoluble bond, the husband and wife by utilizing all their human resources, together with good will, and by, above all, confiding in the assistance of divine grace, can and should emerge from their moments of crisis renewed and strengthened. (Source)

What do you think St. John Paul II would say of Cardinal Kasper’s nonsense? The saintly Pope made it clear that pastoral practice could never be divorced (pun intended) from the Truth.
I really like his expression “divorce mentality.” That’s sums it up nicely.
As Mr. Pacheco has pointed out before, the underlying current of +Kasper’s approach is a lack of trust in God’s transforming grace, another point which JP II trounced in the quote above.

One thought on “JP II: PastoraI activity must support and promote indissolubility

  1. When Israel turned it’s back on The God Of The Ten Commandments,and ours,as most so-called Democratic “neutral” Secular Pagan Christians have done today,they were carried off as spoils,by Pagan Worldviews/Religions. What are Secular so-called “neutral” Pagan Canada’s values, and Western Civilizations today? What are school children indoctrinated into by adults,as human rights? What will these legalize as Democratic Secular Pagan human rights in their professions after University Graduation.

    Have you heard of Constantinople.In 1453 it fell to Mohammed II and it’s citizens were raped, murdered and enslaved according to Allah’s Koranic Law. Mohammed II decided that his Janissaries,children abducted from Christians,then indoctrinated in Islamic war theology/worldview,and armed with sharp swords were to kill thousands of outnumbered Christians, including their parents in agonizing torture for Allah’s Paradise.Constantinople’s citizens were hunted down, tortured,raped, killed and the ones desired enslaved,even in Church Edifices.So what, do I hear some of you say? Open your eyes at what so-called “neutral” Democratic Secular Paganism has done,as human rights.There are Janissaries among us today,not abducted by Mohammad II,but by so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Schools of our own Western Countries.Western Secular Pagan adult schoolteachers and homosexual etc., activists are indoctrinating schoolchildren in the tenets of Secular Paganism,as so-called human rights,because of the so-called Christians POLITICAL apathy,indifference and complacency.This is the same country that school children were led in The Lord’s Prayer,by their school teachers until the 1960’s.

    I am brought to tears, when Kinsey Sex Education traumatized Kindergarteners, and their parents ask me to politically do something to stop this evil.I tell them to keep praying, and voting for Traditional Values Politicians who will try to convince the majority of So-called “neutral” Secular Politicians to pass righteous Bills into Canadian Law. In a democracy you get the worldview you elect. William Wilberforce was one politician,but finally the others were convinced by his righteous arguments to pass good Bills into Law. Pray,but also do rightly in our democracies,so righteous Bills are passed into Law. Evil prospers when good men do nothing.

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