John Allen Jr.’s Short Memory

Allen is just a media shmoe who doesn’t know anything more than the rest of us — at least anything of real substance.

So, when he pretends to have known that Cardinal Ratzinger was a prime candidate in 2005:

It seemed clear in 2005 that the opening rounds shaped up as a yes or no to Ratzinger. Today, while there are a number of figures perceived as plausible, there doesn’t seem to be a single point of reference. (Source)

…the rest of us marvel at his insight because everyone was rather shocked when Ratzinger was elected.  In fact, Allen didn’t think Ratzinger had much of a shot at all in 2005.  Check out this article.  See anyone missing?   If you said, Ratzinger, you get the booby prize.  As a side note, I would also like to point out that he didn’t mention ++Martini either who also got a lot of votes as the “Bologna School” candidate (or Baloney, as I like to refer to it as).  That would make two rather big strikes against his abilities to make any predictions whatsoever or give us the skinny on any formulation of “camps”, for that matter.   What I am trying to say to you, dear reader, is that his reports are next to useless.

John Allen is full of hot air. Always has been. Likely always will be, writing for National Catholic Fishwrap.  And the fact that Ratzinger didn’t even get a mention by him in his very looonnnng list of contenders kind of makes you wonder about his objectivity as a reporter.  Doesn’t make me wonder, of course, but there are still large swaths of Koolaid and Fishwrap consumers out there.

He represents the talking head for the pseudo-Catholic Chattering Class.

H/T Rorate Caeli

2 thoughts on “John Allen Jr.’s Short Memory

  1. I thought it was going to be Ratzinger… and PRAYED that it would be him, and notDaneels or Hummes who were also being touted as papabile. Daneels was thought to be socially liberal while Hummes was big on social justiice.

  2. We all have our list of papabiles in mind, but always keep in mind that the Holy Spirit may have other plans… who had ever heard of Karol Wojtyla before Oct. 16th 1978?

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