Joe the Plumber Flushes Obamanism Down the Toilet

This might be equivalent to when George Bush Senior tripped up in a debate with Bill Clinton back in 1992. I think Obama pulled a George Bush: not attuned to what the person was saying. This, of course, means that you are not listening and are not “like me”. Personally, I think that’s a crappy criteria for choosing a president, but I don’t make the rules. I just point out when there has been a transgression of them and, hey, that’s just happened with Obama and Joe the Plumber. By the way, if Obama loses, I find it deliciously ironic that a common man was responsible for bringing him down. 🙂

One thought on “Joe the Plumber Flushes Obamanism Down the Toilet

  1. I really hope so, Joe the plumer represent reality, with pelosie and reid, the taxes are gonna go up on everybody….thats a fact and anyone in this country, who support this wind bag and his weird friends, dont care it will affect us in a bad way….since our economies are so inter twined….what really pisses me off, self concious whites think that voting for a black man, will proove they are not racist…they think bush was bad, hes going to be an angel compared to this idiot.

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