Jihad talk is poking the Crusaders

Now he’s asking about another, Texas-based Catholic website. He’s referring to commenters “rascal 1”, Melanie01, etc. He indicates that he was given this particular blog print out just yesterday. He’s wondering why a Texas blog, with comments by an anonymous California commenter, are irrelevant to the complaint at hand.He points out that all of this is on the Internet — outside the tribunal’s jurisdiction.But again, Mr. Boring, Mr. Law-Talking-Guy, Mr. All-Those-Dusty-Old-Rule-Books doesn’t get it.He’s making legal arguments, to a panel of political radicals, untrained as judges, un-expert at anything other than grievance-mongering. (Source)

Joseph is referring to Catholic Answers. Catholic Answers. The most main stream, conservative Catholic Apologetics organization in the world. If you are coming after us, Catholics, Mr. Joseph, you’ve just made a big mistake.

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