Jesus was a small businessman

Good observation.

Not only in the carpenter’s shop, but we may dare say in His Ministry.  Wasn’t Judas appointed to be the Treasurer, after all?

The Good Lord knows that business is indeed Godly since it intrinsically relies on God’s providence, while reliance on the State is a mark of unbelief and atheism.  All good Statists despise God.  And there is a natural reason for that.

Jesus never accepted help from Caesar and yet many in the Social Justice camp of the Church today seem to think it’s natural for our problems to be solved by it.

Backward and un-Christian thinking.

One thought on “Jesus was a small businessman

  1. In a Christian Country, The Natural Law is considered The Ten commandments. They are on Government, Court and
    Schoolroom walls. Traditional family values are taught in schools, and thus to the entire society.

    In a Secular- Pagan Country, The Natural Law is considered Darwinism or Survival Of The Fittest , and Jacobite and Christian Commandments considered unconstitutional. The Secular Moralists impose their values on everyone starting with Kindergartners, and thus to Western Civilization.
    This is where Canada and Western Society is today, and most churches who receive indulgences from Secular Government are Secular.

    In a democracy the 50%+1 decide which Worldview- Religion, in Government, Law and Education will be enforce on everyone. Secularism with it’s morality is not neutral.

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