Jesus Our Hope

On behalf of my wife Lara and my children (Emma, Tonya, Clarissa, and Sophia), I would like to wish all of my friends and readers a holy and blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Although 2006 has been a rough one for the Canadian family for obvious reasons, it is important that none of us lose hope. We must never give up. Never. Never. Never.

We often concentrate on the rot slowly eating away at our culture and our families. But like most things which appear on the surface, we must not confuse what is apparent with what is substantial or real. While it is true that the Culture of Death and Tyranny continues to advance at an alarming rate, we must keep in mind that the movement for life and light is moving equally as fast, although underground and not as apparent.

The culture of death, remarkable as it may seem, is really not advancing to anything permanent or lasting. It is actually moving towards its destruction and defeat because, as believers in Jesus Christ know, anything that is not totally in and with Christ will eventually perish. This is what history teaches us, as Napoleon once said, “nations and kingdoms fall away, the Church alone remains“.

So while our current materialistic and hedonistic culture begins its descent into a complete free-fall and eventual collapse, the Culture of Life and its seed, undergirded by the truth of Jesus Christ and His Church, is starting to sprout. Indeed the Springtime of a civilization love may soon rise up out of the ashes of this culture of death. It can happen over night. It happened with Communism. It can happen again.

We must trust. We must pray. We must sacrifice.

And most of all, we must remember that our ultimate hope is not in politics or activism. It is in the little baby born 2000 years ago in a stable, the God-man Jesus Christ, who was born to die and rise again and crush the head of the serpent once and for all.

Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ! Let every knee bend to the true King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

O Lord, convert us. Redeem us. Save us.

Maranatha Lord Jesus. Maranatha.


See y’all after Christmas.

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