Jesus Removed From Church, Church Bows To Gaia

I suppose this “solution” makes everyone happy.

I really don’t see why Jesus should be expelled and why the House of the Lord should be used for paganized, New Age purposes.

But not a word was spoken; the Church bells all were broken. And the three men, I admire most: Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, they caught the last train for the coast…

Nothing says the “New Evangelization” in the Archdiocese of Toronto like:  Get out Jesus and make room for Gaia and a pseudo liturgy.

Sorry, folks, the next Springtime in the Church looks like it’s gonna be Springtime, 2053.

More coverage here.


2 thoughts on “Jesus Removed From Church, Church Bows To Gaia

  1. JMJ

    Well, compared to you folks way up north, we have it pretty easy here. The bishop in Tucson lies so low we barely notice him. But I´m glad I don´t live where the temple is used for such new age/paganism stuff–my blood pressure would explode.

    God bless you, Mr Pacheco, for your work. We pray daily for your courage, conviction, health, endurance.

  2. The “solution” does not make me happy at all. I’ve asked chancery officials for a written response on the existing policy of concerts in churches. This is not done yet.

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