Jesus Coming Again



(Our Blessed Mother was accompanied by angels and appeared at 1:30 A.M. She wore a golden sash around her waist and a bright golden light surrounded her.)

She said:

“My dear children. I am the Mother of Love, Peace and Joy and the Immaculate Conception. I thank God for allowing me once again to be on this humble mountain. I greet you, my child, on your special day. It is so nice to see you all here praying together with the saints and angels in Heaven.It is a gift and act of God’s supreme love; He gave me these special graces to come down from Heaven from generation to generation, and to speak, and be able to be seen by many of His chosen messengers. I am asking my children to be prepared and to be purified for His second coming. The words in the scriptures must be fulfilled. The world is in crisis because many of my children are not praying anymore and they are focused more on worldly pleasures. It is important today, my children, to keep praying more and more for your brothers and sisters. The time left for prayers and conversion is getting short.

I want to thank my children who are here praying together in union with my saints and angels. You are here because of your faith, love, trust and hope in my Son, Jesus. I am very pleased and grateful to see my three little priests who opened their hearts, here on this humble mountain. Please pray for my priests, children, because they need your prayers and you need them to receive the body and blood of my Son. Your prayers must be simple, but from your minds and hearts.

You are my children that I love. I will always be with you in prayers together with the saints and angels. You are all my beautiful flowers in my garden. I, with my saints, will bring all your prayer requests and petitions to Heaven. I love you my dear children.

Thank you so much for listening to my message.”

(The Blessed Mother and the angels disappeared.)


Confirmation of the apparitions of the Blessed Mother is the sole domain of the Catholic Church who has the authority to render judgements on alleged apparitions.

A statistical analysis of the Marian apparition directory reveals the following results. During the twentieth century, there have been 386 cases of Marian apparitions. The Church has made “no decision” about the supernatural character regarding 299 of the 386 cases. The Church has made a “negative decision” about the supernatural character in 79 of the 386 cases. Out of the 386 apparitions, the Church has decided that “yes” there is a supernatural character only in 8 cases: Fatima (Portugal), Beauraing (Belgium), Banneux (Belgium), Akita (Japan), Syracuse (Italy), Zeitoun (Egypt), Manila (Philippines) (according to some sources), and Betania (Venezuela). Local bishops have approved of the faith expression at the sites where these 8 apparitions occurred. Besides the 8 approved apparitions, there have been 11 (out of the 386 apparitions) which have not been approved with a “supernatural character”, but which have received a “yes” to indicate the local bishop’s “approval of faith expression (prayer and devotion) at the site”. (Source)

19 thoughts on “Jesus Coming Again

  1. Greetings!

    Wished to find out when will be the next scheduled visit of Ms. Emma De Guzman in the Philippines and gathering at the Mt. of Salvation.

    My husband and I wished to join the next prayer gathering.

    Thank you.
    Mrs. Grecia

  2. Blessed day to all!

    Kindly confirm if La Pieta Group w/ Emma is scheduled to go again to the Salvation Mountain, Batangas, Phils. on Dec. 8, 2009, her birthday.
    I have a brother who is on dialysis twice a week since March of 2007. No kidney donor has been found. We want to bring him to Mystic Emma on Dec. 8. But his dialysis schedule will prevent him from attending as the date fall on a Tuesday (his dialysis schedule is Tuesday & Friday weekly).
    Kindly advise if a proxy can be done or please advise what to do.

    Yours in Christ,


  3. have a blessed day!

    I would like to know if Ms emma will be in mt of salvation in batangas this dec 8? please, send me a reply.

    maraming salamat

  4. Greetings with Peace!

    You have schedule a mass at San Sebastian Recoletos Auditorium, in Quiapo Manila on December 15, I would like to know if the time 8:30 is the evening or in the morning, because it was not stated there. Pls reply to my email. Thank you so much. God Bless!

  5. Greetings…Awesome Love & Peace with Jesus, Mary & Joseph.

    Kindly let us know of the coming Schedule of the Visionary Emma de Guzman this year 2010….so as I could cascade the same to our community here at Sta. Clara de Montefalco Charismatic Community, Pasay City.

    Thanks you very much!

    gina c. bayos

  6. Please. I would like to also have the rosary and the chaplet. I also would very much like to know what Emma’s schedule is. Do you think she will be coming to Toronto, Ontario, Cda. does she in anyway have connection with Fr. Suarez who is a healing priest?

    thank you for your anticipated response.

    God bless.

    V. Hughes

  7. I’d like to know of the schedules of Ms. Emma De Guzman this 2010 here in the philippines if any so I could come too. Thanks and God bless.

  8. august 19,2010
    greeting,to all I’d like to know if there is any chance that sis.Emma will have a mission here in Canada,and where i can find the prayer group I am from Montreal Canada,and if its possible to obtain the prayer book and a rosary.I thank you in advance and please let me know how to start a prayer group here in Montreal if possible.
    God bless us all.
    sis.precious sandiego

  9. I would like to inquire about Emma’s schedule details here in the Philippines starting Aug 30, 2010.
    Thank you in advance for your reply.
    God Bless You All!


  10. I really would like to know about Emma’s schedule here in United States so I can bring my daughter who has m.s. to see her for healing, she has two little girls to raise and I’m worried about her and I know in my heart that Emma will be able to heal her. My daughter and me will very humbled and thankful to your group if we will have the opportunity to see her.

  11. pls let me know the next schedule of ms emma in cebu.
    can i ask the chaplet with the rosary of it?
    i want to send my prayer request? can u pls give me the complete address? pls state the zip code. tnx.
    im in need of prayers for the healing of our family trees.

  12. Please advice Ms Emma de Guzman’s schedule in Manila for September 2010 onwards as it is my fervent wish to attend her next prayer and healing gathering. Thank you.

  13. Would like to request for the Mother of Joy, Peace and Love CHAPLET.
    Please update me the 2011 schedule of Sister Emma in Toronto and
    the Philippines. Wish to be in the pilgrimage next year in the Philippines.

    Good night and God Bless……

  14. I am so delighted on Emma’s Vision. I believed everything I saw in the Video Tape. I felt so blest in knowing and seeing Emma. I wish to see Emma personally to feel like being in heaven.

    I want to request on Emma’s 2011 schedule so we can meet her in one of the Holy Places.

    Maraming salamat sa mga milagro.

    The best is yet to come.

    Love, peace and joy!

  15. May I please know if there is any schedule for Emma at the Mt. of Salvation here in the Philippines on Sept 8 2011?

  16. I found out about Emma Guzman yesterday. I am in a state of awe and astonishment. God has planned this encounter to enlighten my heart and soul. I am a believer!!
    Dios mio…tu me mostraste el camino. María Santísima, eres madre como yo y por eso confió en ti. Yo se q tu eres la luz hacia el camino de la salvación en nuestro Jesus Christo. Doy gracias por todo lo que haces por mi.

    I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Emma. May God and the Blessed Mother always give her strength to keep the mission moving.

    Love, peace and joy!

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