Japan Jumping Off the Cliff

“…Just as Japan is a closed system, so is the world. Just as Japan’s population leveled out and began to plunge, so will the world’s, and very soon. This will lead to gigantic economic consequences and human suffering on a scale never before known…”(Source)

Here’s the thing.  The generations largely responsible for this disaster won’t be around to pick up the tab.  They’ll be dead and gone.

There’s a real void of justice there.

Then again, for us Catholics, there is indeed an afterlife with Purgatory and Hell.  That’s the great equalizer…and even more so.  The saints tell us that even the hardest penance here on earth is worth accepting to avoid spending any “time” in Purgatory. 

God’s no fool and “payback’s a bitch” as the saying goes.  Anyway you look at it, payback is coming for those who reject the natural law of God.


2 thoughts on “Japan Jumping Off the Cliff

  1. What a terrible thing to make people believe. Well, Limbo is gone…when is Purgatory going down the drain?

  2. I rejected the natural law today by getting a shave and a haircut and riding down to St. Cloud in an automobile rather than walking. I don’t care how much they’re paying you guys, get away from the sex business and get right to life started on demonizing cigarette smoking before my COPD does me in for good…and if you have any more spare time, go after drunken driving. I’m with you, Right to Life!!!

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