Jackboots Municipal Style

Removing the posters because they made some people feel uncomfortable is a violation of the freedom of speech and expression that Canada fosters and protects.

Infringing on the rights of pro-life organizations and individuals does nothing to prove a point or win an argument. Freedom of speech remains, regardless of political climate or personal preferences.

The decision to remove the posters from Hamilton bus shelters was made by Don Hull, the city’s director of transit, at the instigation of Councillor Brian McHattie and three other complainants.

McHattie and Hull give the impression that they are trying to be neutral about a subject for which there is no neutrality (Canada is a pro-choice nation, not an abortion-neutral nation). These individuals are attempting to violate freedom of speech and expression in Hamilton.

The city is awakening to the reality of pro-choice radicalism in its midst, playing out in the bus shelters of our city. (Source)

It’s good to see Hamilton City council is following the lead of the HRCs and stifling debate. 

What does this show? That the hippie liberals who clamored for the right to express themselves are really just fascist jackboots who won’t tolerate sexual dissension.

Tolerance for me but not for thee.

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