Jackbooting Us: The CHRC’s Squashing of Freedom

The Canadian Human Rights Commission was established in 1978 to address so-called human right violations against Canadians who would otherwise not be able to address their grievances in a court of law.  While the objectives of the legislation establishing the Commission may have been noble, there are serious deficiencies in how the commission works.

In the extrajudicial courts of the Canadian Human Rights Commissions (federal and provincial), the complainant’s expenses are paid for by the state, but the defendant must pay for his own defence and the rules of evidence, normal in the regular courts, do not apply.  Costs of Appeal to regular courts must also be borne by the defendant.

Over the past number of years, conservatives and Christians, in particular, who hold critical views of the current politically correct opinions, have lost their cases before the tribunal hearings.  For instance, in nearly every case in Canada brought against conservatives and Christians, the tribunals have found in the complainant’s favour.

The CHRC and its provincial counterparts are being used as a political tool of the Left to squash freedom of speech and extort financial penalties against those who dare question the depraved political and social dogmas of contemporary western culture.

This Commission must be either disbanded completely, overhauled, or, at the very least, its Star Chamber-like “judges” must be equitably represented by Canadians of all political persuasion, not the least of which are conservatives.


Past atrocities by the HRCs covered by SoCon or Bust:

A sample of  news reports of the various Canadian human rights commissions’ attacks on Christians:

Other items of interest regarding the Human Rights Commissions

16 thoughts on “Jackbooting Us: The CHRC’s Squashing of Freedom

  1. I hope your petition is ready soon so I can sign it.
    It’s time to put the brakes on or free speech will be nothing more
    than a mythical part of our lore.

  2. This organization needs to die. It does not speak for me or anybody who has a different opinion than what these thought police deem to be correct. How it was even allowed to have a place in a supposedly democractic country is beyond me. This is pure outright communism at its finest. I will gladly sign a petition to rid this country of this load of politically correct dangerous thugs.


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  4. Enough of this tyranny. It’s time to take our nation back from the special interest activist groups,abolish the ‘Human Rights’ Commission.

  5. I don’t get it. Our Charter guarantees freedom of thought, belief, opinion, and expression, amongst other fundamental freedoms. Notwithstanding hate speech which is a crime as defined in the Criminal Code of Canada, how is it that human rights commissions are able to violate our fundamental freedoms as guaranteed in the Charter? Could the case not be made by a few very clever lawyers that the federal and provincial human rights legislation as it is interpreted by the commissions is an attempt to regulate the free speech of Canadians and is a violation of our Charter rights?

  6. Jackboot indeed! The HRC needs to be publicly shamed and brought down. Justice is practiced in the light of day, not behind closed doors in darkness. This is Biblical thinking. All should be revealed. These men who practice such evil against us ought to be prosecuted themselves! I dare say that ample evidence could easily be found and used to condemn them. They do keep records of their own actions in their own kangaroo court. Either way, the Church of God shall outlast them. We outlasted and conquered the Roman Empire, we overtook the German barbarians too. We now are overtaking China and Africa. God won’t be stopped by another jackbooted facist! I would have you hear the words of King Solomon “To do Righteosness and Justice is more acceptable than to the LORD than sacrifice.” also, “The violence of the wicked will destroy them, because they refuse to do Justice.” So there you facist! You will get it!

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  9. this is scary if there was a time for the left or right to unite it is now we all can or will be victims to this human rights defiling garbage called the chrc depending upon the fashionable thinking of the day

  10. It’s bad enough Canada Post’s largest union the CUPW joined the Isreal appartheid movement and censors Christians for telling the truth but paid work time and now a prayer room for Muslim prayers! All references to Christian celebrations replaced by amibigous terms such as the holiday. The CUPW collective agreement with Canada Post has made the Post office workplace a showpiece for human rights laws and simutaneously creating a toxic vile place to be where offenders are too protected. Like our criminal and youth justice systems workers who commit serious workplace offences are protected from accountability courtesy of one of those 11 prohibited grounds.

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