Jackboot Now Official at Universities

KELOWNA (CUP) – A ruling out of the B.C. Supreme Court has supported one student union’s decision to revoke a campus pro-life group’s club status.

Legal cases instigated by a pro-life student group are expected to have cost the University of B.C.’s Students’ Union – Okanagan about $45,000 as they successfully defended their right to not support the club.

Though the Students’ Union does not have a pro-choice mandate, they have not supported Students For Life since 2006, because the group would not grant the union’s request that they not poster campaign material from the Genocide Awareness Project, which included graphic images of aborted fetuses….(Source)

Taxation without representation.  I see socialism is alive and well in our universities.  While the pro-aborts think they have won a major victory, all they have really succeeded in doing is stoking the flames.   They can’t win the argument so they banish the argument.  How long do you think that strategy is going to work?

2 thoughts on “Jackboot Now Official at Universities

  1. The Canadian Federation of Satans is doing God’s will to fulfill scripture.

    Revelation 13:7
    It was allowed to wage war against the saints and to conquer them. It was also given authority over every tribe, people, languages, and nation.

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