Jackboot Decides Not To Stomp

The remaining charge against Ezra Levant by the Muslim Council of Edmonton has been dismissed by the Alberta Human Rights Commission.  You can check out Ezra’s commentary about it here.

Of course, there’s no celebration here at all in this.  Even the dismissal was not even a technical victory. The AHRC bureaucrat arrogated to himself various subjective criteria which he determined Ezra had passed.

The parties to win in this decision are the soft fascists who cost Alberta tax payer’s $500K, Ezra Levant $100K, and who did not concede that people of Canada have a right to free speech.

Nothing has changed, except for the fact that the totalitarians at the HRCs are now under the microscope.  Their decisions from now on will not be given a free ride from the public.  And every time they try to come down with their jackboot will simply be one step closer to their finish line.

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