It’s Time for Action Now

Until last week, there was no evidence that any of the shady partners of Development and Peace (D&P) were directly involved in abortion activities. Although many partners were involved in appalling activities such as lobbying for increased access to abortion and trying to influence public opinion towards a greater acceptance of abortion, no partner could be directly linked to abortion activities.

All of that changed on April 22nd with a shocking report by LifeSiteNews about a D&P partner called Comaletzin Rural Feminist Interregional Coordinator.  It turns out that Comaletzin helps make abortion available to women who don’t want to keep their baby.  To understand how grave this really is, you need to understand how abortion works in Mexico.

The country is composed of 32 states.  Legal restrictions on abortion vary depending on where you live.  In the vast majority of the country, including the state where Comaletzin operates (called Puebla), abortion is only permitted in the case of rape or health problems.  In Mexico City, abortion on demand is legal during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  In two other states, the Yucatán and Morelos, abortion access is not quite as liberal as in Mexico City, but is more accessible than in the rest of the country.

Given this mixed-bag of abortion legislation, pregnant women don’t always know what their abortion “rights” are.  That’s where Comaletzin comes into play.  In their interview with LifeSiteNews, the boss at Comaletzin admitted quite candidly that they help women obtain legal permissions for abortions. In other words, they serve as a broker for pregnant women seeking abortions. Looking for an abortion but don’t know how to go about it?  Just drop by and we’ll get you connected with the right people to make it happen.

So although Comaletzin doesn’t run abortion clinics, there is no doubt that Comaletzin is facilitating direct access to abortions and contributing to some babies being aborted who might otherwise have been carried to term.  By facilitating access to abortion and sending women to abortion clinics, they are directly complicit in the act of abortion.  In other words, more babies are dying because of the actions of this D&P partner.

This is extremely grave.  There is no more time for our bishops to dither over D&P.  We need action now.  When the lives of innocent people are on the line, you need rapid and bold action.  If terrorists hijack a bus and hold 50 people hostage, the police don’t strike a commission to study the problem and report back in 2 months.  They call in the SWAT team.

It’s time for action.

Steve G.

Socon or Bust Guest Blogger


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