It’s the Penance, Bishops

This is an excellent article.  This is the money quote:

As the Lahey case demonstrates, all of the bureaucratic measures put in place in recent years to guarantee transparency and accountability – while needed – ultimately will mean little without an accompanying genuine conversion of heart and re-dedication to the faith that comes to us from the apostles.

This is a theme that I have been hammering on for quite a long time now. Notice the emphasis on true repentance and not on the bureaucratic and media spin machine.  I wonder if the bishops who are hunkered down in closed session over at Nav Canada will open their hearts and their minds long enough to accept this message.

We don`t need your communication directors. We need faithful bishops to teach the faith.  Keep it simple and don`t add another bureaucratic layer for communications. 

You`re supposed to be our Fathers in the Faith, not some cheap version of Peter Mansbridge.

In other news, I see that my blog has received several visits a day from Nav Canada over the past several days – even yesterday and today.  Not sure why since today was the closed door session of the bishops.  Who would be visiting me from Nav Canada?    I am sure that this is just a coincidence, and the visits are by some Nav Canada employee.   

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5 thoughts on “It’s the Penance, Bishops

  1. Just a heads up Pacheco… I have noticed that you are recently engaged with a debate with a “Kelly Wilson” at regarding the Gaillardetz affair. She is playing the “middle ground” role, comes across as courteous, respectful and even cheerful – and, by her words, she is quite intelligent. But my spidey sense are tingling. Be very careful, it might be a ploy or an ambush into making you write something that can be used against you. The blog is brand new, with only two entries. Note the name of her blog, “kakistokrat” means “an unprincipled person in power” or “an incompetant leader, or puppet of a corrupt system”. Perhaps I am too paranoid? Better to be safe than sorry. She might have been dispatched to counter the criticsms you have levelled against the CCCB. Regardless, my bet is that, if you further engage in debate, nothing will be resolved… the old tactic of keeping the conversation going without anything objective ever being resolved.

    I will write this same message to Steve at Catholic Dialogue and my American friend Al at “Is Anybody There? at (whom she went out of her way to invite in the discussion).

  2. It appears that Kelly is a he and not a she. My mistake on that one. However, do you not find it interesting that the heretic himself. (and let’s not pretend) just showed up to comment on the blog? I do not comment on the blog because, very likely, my comments would be deleted.

  3. Hi there John. TH2, that’s the HeresyHunter, right?

    Rest assured I am doing no one else’s bidding. I don’t do that. 🙂

    But I think there were a few compliments built into your posts, so thanks.

    As for whether I’d delete your comments, I haven’t deleted anyone else’s yet.

    Anyways that’s all for now.

  4. Another comment TH2. The conversation was never about John, it was in reference to a particular letter. Yes I linked to John’s site. But that’s because he has accumulated the most number of posts on this subject.

    But what do you think I’m up too? Hope John notices my site, lets his guard down with my post on Tennyson, and then says something stupid. Give him more credit than that.

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